Important One Word Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

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important one word questions

Here are the selective and important One Word questions and answers for competitive exams. These One Word questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in competitive exams. 

Practice with these selective One Word questions and answers for SSC and bank exams. Let's start.

One Word questions and answers for competitive exams

Question 1 : People who work together
1. Worker 
2. Superhuman 
3. Colleagues 
4. Expert 

Ans .  C


Question 2 : One who goes on foot
1. Machination 
2. Pedestrian 
3. Transmigration 
4. Eccentric 

Ans .  B


Question 3 : One who can speak two languages
1. Bilingual 
2. Polylingual 
3. Polygamy 
4. Oligarchy 

Ans .  A


Question 4 : Word with the same meaning
1. Antonyms 
2. Idioms 
3. Noun 
4. Synonyms 

Ans .  D


Question 5 : The person who works for free
1. Member 
2. Volunteer 
3. Organiser 
4. Servant 

Ans .  B


Question 6 : One who speaks less
1. Reticent 
2. Misogynist 
3. Hypocrite 
4. Obsolete 

Ans .  A


Question 7 : One who talk in sleep
1. Celibate 
2. Intestate 
3. Somniloquy 
4. Gullible 

Ans .  C


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