Important Question of Profit and Loss for SSC

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Selective important question of Profit and Loss for SSC exam and all other competitive exams.

Profit and Loss Questions for SSC

Q.51 A person mixes 40 kg of sugar which cost Rs. 5 kg and 50 kg of sugar which cost Rs. 6 a kg, and sells the mixture at Rs. 6.40 a kg. What is his gain percent?

(A) 15 2/5 %

(B) 15 1/5 %

(C) 15 %

(D) 10 %

Ans .  B

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Q.52 If bananas are bought at the rate of 4 for a rupee, how many must be sold for a rupee so as to gain 33 1/3 %

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 2.5

Ans .  B

Q.53 A grocer bought 48 kg of wheat for Rs. 80, and was obliged to sell it at a loss of as much money as he received for 2 kg. Find the sale price per kg.

(A) Rs. 1.40

(B) Rs. 1.60

(C) Rs. 2.60

(D) Rs. 1.30

Ans .  B

Q.54 A manufacturer sells an article at a profit of 25% to a wholesale dealer, who sells it to a retailer at a profit of 5%. The retailer sells it for Rs. 756 and makes a profit of 20%. The cost of the article to the manufacturer is……

(A) Rs. 420

(B) Rs. 560

(C) Rs. 240

(D) Rs. 480

Ans .  D

Q.55 I buy sweets at 4 for 90 P and an equal number at 5 for 90 P and sell the whole at 9 for 180 P; find my gain or loss percent?

(A) 1 19/81 % profit

(B) 1 9/81 % loss

(C) 1 9/81 % profit

(D) 1 19/81 % loss

Ans .  A

Q.56 A sells a horse to B for Rs. 4860, thereby losing 19%, B sells it to C at a price which would have given A 17% profit. Find B’s gain.

(A) Rs. 2264

(B) Rs. 2617

(C) Rs. 2160

(D) Rs. 2438

Ans .  C

Q.57 A man sells a machine at 10% below cost price. Had he received Rs. 1494 more than he did, he would have made a profit of 12 ½ %. What did the machine cost?

(A) Rs. 6382

(B) Rs. 6640

(C) Rs. 6460

(D) Rs. 6000

Ans .  B

Q.58 A man sells an article at a gain of 15%. If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for Rs. 4 less, he would have gained 25%. Find the cost price.

(A) Rs. 150

(B) Rs. 160

(C) Rs. 144

(D) Rs. 138

Ans .  B

Q.59 A reduction of 40% in the price of bananas would enable a purchaser to obtain 60 more Rs. 45. What is the reduce price.

(A) 30P

(B) 60P

(C) 45P

(D) 75P

Ans .  A

Q.60 Six horses and 8 cows cost me Rs. 37500. I sell them for Rs. 44625 making a profit of 25 percent on the horses and 10% on the cows. What is the average cost of horse and of each cow?

(A) Rs. 3600, Rs. 1875

(B) Rs. 3750, Rs. 1875

(C) Rs. 3750, Rs. 1675

(D) Rs. 3600, Rs. Rs. 1675

Ans .  B

Q.61 A man who makes a profit of 25 p.c. by selling sugar at Rs. 4.25 P a kg, lowers his price so as to gain only 17 P per kg. In what ratio must his sales increase so that his total profit may be the same as before?

(A) 1: 3

(B) 1: 4

(C) 1: 5

(D) 2: 5

Ans .  C

Q.62 A man travels from A to B to buy goods which he can get 10% cheap in B than in A. If the expenses of the journey are Rs. 15 and he makes a clear saving of Rs. 10 what does he pay for the goods?


(B) Rs. 215

(C) Rs. 200

(D) Rs. 225

Ans .  D

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