Inventions-General Knowledge questions and answers

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inventions general knowledge questions

Inventions-General Knowledge questions and answers

11. Helicopter was invented by

A. Drinker
B. Broquet
C. Copernicus
D. Cockrell


12. Homoeography was invented by

A. Cockrell
B. Lipman
C. Hahneman
D. none of these


13. Telegrahic code was introduced by

A. Lipman
B. Macmillan
C. Thomas Moore
D. Cockrell


14. Lift was invented by

A. Otis
B. Domagk
C. Lee De Forest
D. None of these


15. Toricelli invented

A. Automobile
B. Barometer
C. Stethoscope
D. None of these


16. Television was invented by

A. Sholes
B. J.L.Baird
C. Shockley
D. John Napier


17. Electrons were discovered by

A. Newton
B. Roentgen
C. J.J.Thompson
D. Edison


18. Air conditioner was discovered by

A. Edison
B. Wilson
C. Carrier
D. Roentgen


19. Roentgen discovered

A. Electrocardiograph
B. X–rays
C. Anti polio vaccine
D. Encephalograph


20. Who invented logarithms?

A. Mandeleef
B. Shockley
C. Amundson
D. John Napier


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