Latest Multiple Choice Questions of Data Communication

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Latest questions of Data Communications and Networking for IT Officer and all other types of Competitive Exams.

Multiple Choice Questions of Data Communication

Q.71 B, Zero Code Suppression is a technique that …

(A) allows data to flow on a digital line

(B) ensures that each byte has at least one-mark bit

(C) it is the latest clear channel encoding technique developed by Bell Laboratories

(D) provides a clear channel transmission capability, allowing 64 kbps data transmission on a voice4 channel

Ans .  D

Data Communication and Networking: multiple-choice-questions-for-data-communication-and-networking

Q.72 International bipolar violations……

(A) represent coding errors caused by line impairments

(B) are used to convey information or maintain a minimum number of ones on a digital line

(C) result in successive marks having opposite polarities

(D) occur only in the laboratory

Ans .  B

Q.73 Demultiplexing by a time division multiplexer occurs based on the…….

(A) the position of data within a frame

(B) the position of a frame within a group of frames

(C) the activity of a connected device

(D) the priority assigned to a connected device

Ans .  A

Q.74 They key to the operation of ADPCM is….

(A) fast sampling

(B) high amplitude

(C) adaptive predictor

(D) digitization

Ans .  C

Q.75 The maximum modem operating rate that can be transported by ADPCM is……

(A) 300 bps

(B) 1200 bps

(C) 4800 bps

(D) 9600 bps

Ans .  C

Q.76 Higher the rate an analog signal is sampled

(A) smaller the difference between sampled amplitudes

(B) larger the difference between sampled amplitudes

(C) greater the noise level

(D) more bits required to represent the sample

Ans .  A

Q.77 Common CVSD digitization rates are….

(A) 8 and 64 kbps

(B) 65 and 128 kbps

(C) 4 and 8 kbps

(D) 32 and 16 kbps

Ans .  D

Q.78 A voice/data multiplexer will not flow control….

(A) voice

(B) data

(C) time slots

(D) odd channels

Ans .  A

Q.79 The core for an optical fiber has….

(A) lower index of refraction than air

(B) lower index of refraction than the cladding

(C) a higher index of refraction than the cladding

(D) none of these

Ans .  C

Q.80 Over a period of 30 years, a kilometer of fiber optic cable is likely to be broken.

(A) not at all

(B) once

(C) 10 times

(D) 2 or 3 times

Ans .  D

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