MCQ on Computer Memory Questions and Answers for Bank Exams

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computer memory questions and answers

Here I am sharing various types of mcq on computer memory because many students are confused to solve multiple-choice questions on computer in the examination. These computer memory questions and answers are very important for bank exams and other competitive exams. 

So, practice these computer memory questions to improve your performance skills and high your score in the competitive exam.

Here have included the important computer general knowledge quiz questions and answers in Hindi keeping in mind the competitive exams.

Computer Memory Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Q.1. Storage which stores or retains data after power off is called-

(A) Volatile storage

(B)Non-volatile storage

(C)Sequential storage

(D)Direct storage

(E)None of these

Ans .   B

Q.2. A permanent memory, which halls data and instruction for start-up the computer and does not erase data after power off.

(A) Network interface card




(E)None of these

Ans .   D

Q.3. Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?



(C)Static RAM

(D)Dynamic RAM

Ans .   D

Q.4.USB-type storage device is -

(A) Secondary




Ans .   A

Q.5. Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?

(A) Character, File, Record, Field, Database, File

(B)Character, Record, Field, Database, File

(C)Character, Field, Record, File, Database

(D)Bit, Byte, Character, Record, Field, File, Database

(E)None of these

Ans .   C

Q.6. Which device is used to back up the data?

(A) Floppy Disk      


(C)Network Drive.      

(D)All of the above

(E)None of these

Ans .   D

Q.7. A half byte is known as_____.

(A) data


(C)half byte


(E)None of these

Ans .   D

Q.8. Main memory of computer is -

(A) Internal


(C)(A) and (B)both


(E)None of these

Ans .   A

Q.9. The contents of memory into blocks of the same size is called as:




(D)All of above

Ans .   D

Q.10. What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?





(E)None of these

Ans .   B

If you face any problems in computer memory questions, feel free and ask me in the comment section. Visit on the next page for more practice.

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