Passive Voice Questions to practice for Competitive Exams

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Passive Voice

Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct passive forms of the verbs given:

Q.1 The thief ______ yesterday and was prisoned.

(A) is caught

(B) is being caught

(C) was caught

(D) has been caught

Ans .  C

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Q.2 Honesty _______ the best policy even today.

(A) is considered

(B) had been considered

(C) was considered

(D) was being considered

Ans .  A

Q.3 The merit holder students -_______ by the Board last month.

(A) is awarded

(B) was awarded

(C) are awarded

(D) were awarded

Ans .  D

Q.4 Many books _______ by the city library every year.

(A) is bought

(B) are bought

(C) was bought

(D) were bought

Ans .  B

Q.5 A set of this new furniture _______ to our office by Mewar Furniture last year.

(A) is supplied

(B) was supplied

(C) were supplied

(D) are supplied

Ans .  B

Q.6 The daily newspaper “The Rajasthan Ujala” ________ in our town even now.

(A) was published

(B) will be published

(C) were published

(D) is published

Ans .  D

Q.7 Ramayan ________ by Tulsidas.

(A) are written

(B) was written

(C) will be written

(D) was being written

Ans .  B

Q.8 The sale of tickets for the show _________ from next week.

(A) is started

(B) are started

(C) will start

(D) was started

Ans .  A

Q.9 Every year a grand fair _________ in Pushkar I the month of Kartik.

(A) are held

(B) is held

(C) will be held

(D) was held

Ans .  B

Q.10 A number of horse, camels and other cattle ________ to sell in this fair.

(A) is brought

(B) will be brought

(C) are brought

(D) was brought

Ans .  C

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