Passive Voice Questions to practice for Competitive Exams (Part B)

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Passive Voice

Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct passive forms of the verbs given:

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Q.41 Five key areas _______ identified for an integrated action.

(A) will

(B) have been

(C) has been

(D) is

Ans .  B

Q.42 The story is that they _______ sent to the melting-pot.

(A) was

(B) were

(C) is

(D) has bee

Ans .  B

Q.43 Young men of our motherland, _________ destined to do this.

(A) is

(B) was

(C) are

(D) were

Ans .  C

Q.44 The same ________ said of their language too.

(A) could

(B) may

(C) must

(D) may be

Ans .  D

Q.45 And hardly any voice _______ raised in protest.

(A) are

(B) will

(C) is

(D) had

Ans .  C

Q.46 The categories of human rights _______ never closed.

(A) is

(B) are

(C) was

(D) will

Ans .  B

Q.47 Eco-tourism ________ defined in various ways.

(A) has been

(B) have been

(C) has

(D) had

Ans .  A

Q.48 I ________ deeply obliged.

(A) shall be

(B) will be

(C) will have

(D) shall have

Ans .  B

Q.49 Even Children ________ allowed to make themselves useful.

(A) would be

(B) shall be

(C) must

(D) should

Ans .  A

Q.50 Now, it _______ said that this is a romantic, a utopian vision.

(A) must

(B) should

(C) might be

(D) might

Ans .  C

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