Profit and Loss Objective Type Question for Competitive Exams

Profit and Loss Objective Type Question for Competitive Exams

Here, I am sharing Profit and Loss Objective Type Questions for those learners who are preparing for competitive exams like SSC, Bank, RRB and other government exams. These Profit and Loss Objective Type Questions are very important for any competitive exams.

Profit and Loss Objective Type Question for Competitive Exams

Q.1 A single discount equivalent to a discount series of 30%, 20% and 10% is……

(A) 50%

(B) 49.6%

(C) 49.4%

(D) 50.4%

Ans .  B

Q.2 A bag marked at Rs. 80 is sold for Rs. 68. The rate of discount is…….

(A) 20%

(B) 17 11/17 %

(C) 15%

(D) 12%

Ans .  C

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Q.3 A man purchased sugar worth Rs. 400. He sold 3/4th at a loss of 10% and the remainder at a gain of 10%. On the whole, he gets…..

(A) 5% loss

(B) 5% gain

(C) 5 1/19 % loss

(D) 5 1/17 % gain

Ans .  A

Q.4 A man gains 10% by selling a certain article for a certain price. If he sells it at double the price, the profit% made is….

(A) 20%

(B) 120%

(C) 100%

(D) 200%

Ans .  B

Q.5 A grain dealer cheats to the extent of 10% while buying as well as selling, by using false weights. His total gain% is….

(A) 10%

(B) 20 %

(C) 22 2/9%

(D) 21%

Ans .  D

Q.6 By selling a dozen pencils for Rs 15, the fruit seller loses 1/16 of what he bought them for. For how much he sells each pencil to make a profit of 50%?

(A) Rs. 2

(B) Rs. 1 2/3

(C) Rs. 24

(D) Rs. 2.4

Ans .  A

Q.7 By using false weight a gain of 5 5/19 % by claiming to sell at cost price. What weight did he actually use for a kg weight?

(A) 950 gm

(B) 900 gm

(C) 940 gm

(D) None of these

Ans .  A

Q.8 The cost of a horse and a cow is in the ratio 3: 5. A trader gains 15% on the horse and loses 10% on the cow by selling them His overall gain  or loss.

(A) gain 2.5%

(B) loss 2.5%

(C) gain 3/8%

(D) loss 3/8%

Ans .  D

Q.9 In what ratio a grocer can mix tea leaves of Rs. 10 per kg and Rs. 15 per kg to make a mixture of Rs. 12 per kg?

(A) 3: 2

(B) 2: 3

(C) 3: 4

(D) 4: 3

Ans .  A

Q.10 How many kg of tea worth Rs. 3.60 per kg should be mixed with 8 kg of tea worth Rs. 20 per kg to get a profit of 10% by selling profit at Rs. 4.40 per kg?

(A) 2 kg

(B) 3 kg

(C) 4 kg

(D) 5 kg

Ans .  C

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