Top 100 Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers

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top 100 quantitative aptitude questions

Quantitative aptitude is an important part of the aptitude sections. To become an excellent performance in competitive exams, every student wants to prepare important aptitude questions and answers. So, here I am sharing selective top 100 quantitative aptitude questions and answers to improve your abilities through these practice questions.

You must practice these aptitude questions which will help you to obtain good marks in the competitive exams. Get all the topics of Quantitative Aptitude, to practice topic-wise. 

Important Aptitude Questions with Answers

Q.1. The sum of the first 20 terms of the series 

(A) 0.16

(B) 1.6

(C) 16

(D) None of these

Ans .  A

Q.2. If 1.5x = 0.04y, then the value of  is :




(D) None of these

Ans .  B

Q.3. is approximately equal to :

(A) 2

(B) 2.40

(C) 2.43

(D) 2.50

Ans .  D

Q.4. The value of  is:

(A) 80

(B) 800

(C) 8000

(D) 80000

Ans .  B


(A) 0.8

(B) 1.45

(C) 2.40

(D) 3.25

Ans .  A

Q.6.The value of   is closest to:

(A) 0.002

(B) 0.02

(C) 0.2

(D) 2

Ans .  C

Q.7. The value of  is closed to:

(A) 0.006

(B) 0.06

(C) 0.6

(D) 6

Ans .  B

Q.8. The value of  is close to:

(A) 0.2

(B) 0.4

(C) 0.6

(D) 1

Ans .  B

Q.9. (0.2 × 0.2 + 0.01) (0.1 × 0.1 + 0.02)–1 is equal to:





Ans .  A


(A) 0.4

(B) 1.2

(C) 1.4

(D) 4

Ans .  D

You can ask me in the comment section anything related to quantitative aptitude if have any doubt. Go to the next page for more practice.

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