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Welcome to our 'Percentage Questions with Answers' blog, your go-to resource for mastering the art of percentages! Whether you're a student preparing for exams or someone looking to enhance their numerical skills.

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Welcome to our blog Discount Quiz with Answers. where we delve into the world of discounts and offer you an engaging way to test and enhance your understanding. Discounts play a crucial role in both consumer decision-making and business strategies, making it essential to grasp their concepts thoroughly.

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Looking to ace partnership questions quiz on competitive exams? Dive into our curated quiz designed to test your understanding of partnership concepts. From profit sharing to investment ratios, our questions will challenge your knowledge and help you sharpen your problem-solving skills.

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Welcome to our General Math Questions for Bank Exams blog! Here, we delve into the essential math concepts crucial for excelling in bank exams. From arithmetic to algebra, geometry to data interpretation, we've got you covered. Our concise explanations, accompanied by practice problems,

3 months ago 1.0K Views

Welcome to our Data Interpretation Question and Answer blog, your go-to resource for unravelling the mysteries of data analysis! In this space, we delve into the realm of interpreting data, offering insights, strategies, and solutions to tackle a variety of data interpretation challenges.

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Welcome to our Surds and Indices Questions Quiz! Are you ready to test your mathematical prowess? This Surds and Indices Questions Quiz is designed to challenge your understanding of surds and indices, essential concepts for various competitive exams.

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Pipe and Cistern Questions and Answers tailored for competitive exams! Mastering the concepts of pipes and cisterns is pivotal for acing quantitative aptitude sections in various competitive exams.

5 months ago 817 Views

Problems on trains" is a fascinating topic frequently encountered in competitive exams, particularly in quantitative aptitude sections. These Problems on Trains Questions revolve around determining various aspects of trains, such as speed, distance, time taken, and relative movement.

5 months ago 887 Views

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Answer : 3
32 mts

Explanation :

Answer: C) 32 mts Explanation: let 'b' be the Length of bridge from cow to the near end of the bridge and 'a' be the distance of the train from the bridge. 'x' be speed of cow => '4x' speed of trainThen the total length of the bridge 2b + 10.(a-2)/4x = b/x=> a-2 = 4b........(1)Now if it had run in opposite direction(a+2b+10-2)/4x = (b+10-2)/x=> a - 2b = 24......(2)Solving (1) and (2)b = 11 , Therefore length of the bridge is 2 x 11 + 10 = 32mts.

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