Seating arrangement questions for IBPS PO - Sitting Arrangement Problems

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Seating arrangement questions

Seating arrangement questions are very important for Bank exams, SSC and other competitive exams because these type of questions are very puzzling questions. So, students must practice these sitting arrangement reasoning questions to get better rank in their competitive exams.

Here are the crucial Seating arrangement questions for preparation upcoming exams. These Sitting arrangement reasoning questions are very useful for students, who doing preparation for SSC, Bank exams and other competitive exams.

You can understand seating arrangement problems with solutions by visit here. Click on seating arrangement Questions in hindi for those students who searching seating arrangement questions in Hindi.

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Seating Arrangement Questions and Answers for Competitive exams:

Direction (1-5) Eight friends – P, Q, R, S, T, U, V & W are sitting around a circle facing the center. V is third to the right of Q & second to the left of R. Q is second to the left of T & immediate right of S. U is between Q & T. P is not at the left of R.

(1) Who is exactly at left of S?

(A) Q

(B) P

(C) U

(D) V

Ans .   B

(2) Who is second to right of T?

(A) R

(B) P

(C) W


Ans .   C

(3) In which of the following pairs the first person sits exactly at the right of second person?

(A) UT

(B) WR

(C) WT

(D) VT

Ans .   D

(4) What is the exact position of W?

(A) Just left of V

(B) Just right of V

(C) In between U and V

(D) Immediate right to R

Ans .   B

(5) Who is second at right of S?

(A) U

(B) R

(C) T

(D) P

Ans .   A

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Seating Arrangement questions or Sitting Arrangement Reasoning Question, you can ask me in the comment section. Visit next page for more practice of Seating Arrangement questions related problems.

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