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In the number series quiz, you are given some numbers as a series and you have to find the correct number according to this series. So continue your practice by these selective number series quiz for better results in your upcoming competitive exams.

Last year 17.2K Views

In this type of questions, a paragraph is given followed by certain statements which may or may not be inferred from the passage. The candidate is required to choose that statement which contains the gist or the theme of the passage i.e., the idea that it conveys.

Last year 3.4K Views

In this section of logical deduction, the question consists of a brief passage (usually a report containing certain data regarding some social or economic problem), Followed by certain inferences based on it.

Last year 2.2K Views

The question on cause and effect reasoning are mainly designed to decide on a candidate’s ability to analyse a pair of given statements and to correlate them in terms of cause and effect.

Last year 2.3K Views

Reasoning statements questions are very important in the logical reasoning section. Some students don't understand these statements questions in the competitive exams. So here in this blogs, I am sharing selective reasoning statement with explanation for your better preparation.

Last year 2.4K Views

Logical reasoning part is that part which you have to solve questions logically. So here in this blog, giving you are top 100 logical reasoning questions and answers for better performance. Because some students ignores some questions or chapter sometimes and by this blog, you can practice important logical questions.

Last year 16.9K Views

Statement and conclusion is an important topic in the competitive exams but some of the students have confusion to solve these questions. So here I am sharing statement and conclusion problems with solutions for your practice of competitive exams.

Last year 2.0K Views

As you know, most of the students get confused while solving statement and assumption problems in competitive exams. So noticing that, here I am sharing statement and assumption problems with solutions to improve your performance.

Last year 1.1K Views

Are you preparing for a government job or any competitive exam? If yes, you should boost up your performance by practice of machine input output questions with the other topic questions. Because machine input output reasoning topic is an important topic for competitive exams.

Last year 9.3K Views

Inequality topic is very important in the logical reasoning section. Here are given maths inequality questions for bank exam and other Competitive exams. In these questions, you have to solve the questions according to compare into two quantities.

Last month 9.2K Views

As you know, reasoning section is getting tough now than before in the competitive exams. To keep in mind same thing, here I am providing you inequality questions in reasoning for bank po and other competitive exams.

Last month 6.6K Views

Most of the students have settled in their minds that maths logical reasoning questions are difficult to solve in the competitive exams. But i think, by practicing these questions you can also solve maths question easily in exams.

Last year 81.7K Views

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