Time and Speed Problems Objective Type Questions for Competitive Exams

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Time and Speed Problems

Practice with Time and Speed problems for competitive exams. Here i am providing time and speed questions with their answers. Solve these time and speed objective questions and check your answers for checking performance. 

Problems on Time and Speed : Important Questions

Q.1 A person standing on a platform 160-meter-long finds that a train crosses the platform in 54 sec. but himself in 30 seconds. Then length of the train is……

(A) 100 m

(B) 175 m

(C) 150 m

(D) 200 m

Ans .  D

To know more about Time and Distance: time-and-distance-objective-type-question-for-competitive-exams-part-d

Q.2 A train 300 m long, overtook a man, walking along the line (in the same direction of the train) at the speed of 5 km per hour and passed him in 30 sec. The train reached the train the station in 15 minutes after it has passed the man. In what time did the man reach the station?

(A) 2 hrs. 4 min

(B) 2 hrs. 5 min

(C) 2 hrs. 3 min

(D) 2 hrs. 6 min

Ans .  C

Q.3 Two trains are running at a speed of 50 km and 30 km per hour respectively in the same direction. The train running at 50 km/ph crosses a man in the other train in 18 seconds. Then length of the faster train is…….

(A) 120 m

(B) 100 m

(C) 90 m

(D) 115 m

Ans .  B

Q.4 A train of 24 carriages, each carriage of 60 m length with an engine of 60 m length is running at a speed of 60 km\ph. The time in which the train will cross the bridge measuring 1.5 km in length is….

(A) 3 min

(B) 4 min

(C) 2 min

(D) 3 min 40 sec

Ans .  A

Q.5 A train 200 meters long passes a telegraph pole in 18 seconds. Then speed of the train and the time in which it passes a bridge 250 m long respectively are ……

(A) 45 km/ph, 44 sec.

(B) 32 km/ph, 45 sec.

(C) 40 km/ph, 40.5 sec

(D) 40 km/ph, 40 sec.

Ans .  C

Q.6 A railway train 200 m long is running at the speed of 45 km/ph. In what time will it pass a man standing near the railway line?

(A) 16 sec.

(B) 10 sec.

(C) 12 sec.

(D) 14 sec.

Ans .  A

Q.7 A railway train 150 m long and running at the speed of 36 km/ph. In what time will it pass abridge 180 me long?

(A) 32 sec.

(B) 34 sec.

(C) 33 sec.

(D) 29 sec.

Ans .  C

Q.8 A train 200 m long meets a man going in opposite direction at the speed of 5 km/ph and passes him in 7.2 seconds. At what rate is the train going?

(A) 100 km/ph

(B) 95 km/ph

(C) 105 km/ph

(D) 110 km/ph

Ans .  C

Q.9 A train 100 meters long takes half a minute in crossing tunnel 400 m long. The speed of train is……

(A) 72 km/ph

(B) 65 km/ph

(C) 60 km/ph

(D) 58 km/ph

Ans .  C

Q.10 A train 180 m long travels at 60 km/ph. A man is running at 6 km/ph in the direction opposite to that in which the train is going. The train will cross the man in….

(A) 9 sec.

(B) 16 sec.

(C) 15 sec.

(D) 17 sec.

Ans .  C

ask me in Comment if you have any doubt in solving time and speed problems.

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