Today GK Current Affairs Questions May 18

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Here, I am providing Daily GK Current Affairs Questions (May 18) for those learners who are preparing for competitive exams. In this post, I have updated the most important questions answers around the Daily GK with latest current affairs questions and answers about many topics covered.
I have prepared Daily GK Current Affairs Questions for competitive exam blog to increase your General Knowledge level as well as increase your confidence level for competitive exams.

Daily GK Current Affairs Questions May 18, 2019

Q.1 Which countries participated in the naval exercise 'Group Sail' in the disputed South China Sea?

(A) India, Japan, Philippines and USA

(B) Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia

(C) Brunei, Philippines and Taiwan

(D) Uniited States, Vietnam and Philippines

Ans .  A

Q.2 India agreed to strengthen Indo-Pacific Cooperation with which of the following country?

(A) UK

(B) Russia

(C) Germany

(D) Japan

Ans .  A

Q.3 The 2019 Brahmakalashothsava festival has started in which of the following states?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Karnataka

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Odisha

Ans .  B

Q.4 Name the organisation which has reported that India & China tops a list of nations for illegal sand mining?





Ans .  A

Q.5 Name of the world's fastest bullet train that is tested by Japan recently.


(B) Renfe AVE

(C) Korail KTX

(D) Maglev

Ans .  A

Q.6 Who has written the novel "Dopehri"?

(A) Sanjay Dutt

(B) Naseeruddin Shah

(C) R. Madhavan

(D) Pankaj Kapur

Ans .  D

Q.7 Name the IPS officer who has been conferred with the 2019 McCain Institute Award for Courage and Leadership.

(A) Sanjukta Parashar

(B) Chhaya Sharma

(C) Rajni SekhriSibal

(D) Chadalavada Umesh Chandra

Ans .  B

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Daily GK Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exams, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for Current Affairs Questions, Visit next page.

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