Alphabet Series Reasoning Tricks with Examples for SSC and Bank Exams

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alphabet series reasoning tricks

Don't ignore your mistakes while solving alphabet series questions in your preparation because alphabet questions are very important for competitive exams. You should learn alphabet series reasoning tricks with examples for ssc and bank exams.

Let's solve alphabet series questions exercise yourself for better understanding with these alphabet tricks and save your time in competitive exams.  For more practice, you can visit on alphabet series questions and answers and improve your performance. 

Here you can know about important issues and their solution tricks that how to solve reasoning questions with reasoning tricks.

Alphabet Series Reasoning Tricks with Examples

There are 26 letters in an English alphabet, 12 are in the first half , which are from A to M  & the other 13 are in the second half, which are from N to Z.



























We should write the alphabet in this manner because sometime the question are asked about reversing the first half or second half of the alphabet.

Based on the sequence no. in the alphabet: In this type of question, the sequence no. of a letter from English alphabet is given from left or right & then another letter at its left or right is asked. If the sequence no. of the letter is not mentioned clearly with the right or left side (or forward or reverse), we’ll consider it from left to right, i.e. A to Z.


* When at the left of the left letter OR right of the right letter is asked, we’ll find the difference of their of their sequence (for same sides).

Like – Which is the 5th letter from the left of 10th letter from left in English alphabet ?

Left     Left

10 – 5 = 5th

* When at the left of the right letter OR  right of the left letter is asked, we’ll find the sum of their sequences( for two difference sides’ sequence). 

Like – Which will be the 8th letter at the right from 12th letter from left?

Left        Right

12     +    8 = 20th

T will be the 20th letter from left in the English alphabet.

Example.1. Which will be the letter in English alphabet, which is 6th at right from 22nd from right?


(A) M

(B) N

(C) K

(D) F

Here, right-right means same side is mentioned, so we’ll find the difference of sequence no. of the letters. i.e.

22 – 6 = 16

A             →           Z

Left                        Right

So, the 16th letter from right will be K. Counting from forward direction, take 27 – 16 = 11 & 11th letter from left in the English alphabet is K.

Example 2. If the 2nd half of the English alphabet is written in reverse order, then which letter will be the 13th at right from 8th from left?

(A) N

(B) P

(C) Q

(D) S


Here; A → MZ → N

Then      8     +      13 = 21

           Left     +       Right

Then is 21 letters, 13 are from A to M, remaining 8 should be counted from Z to N, which is S.

Example 3. If the first & the second half of the English alphabet are written in reverse order, which letter will be 7th at right of 23rd from right?

(A) X

(B) C

(C) D

(D) None


Here; M → A – Z → N,

Then  23          –     7 = 16

         Right            Right

So, 13 letters from 16 from right side are N to Z & the remaining 3 should be counted from A to M, which will be C.

Example 4. How many letters are there in English alphabet between 10th letter from left & 7th letter from right?

(A) 8

(B) 9

(C) 6

(D) 7

Ans (B)


Letters pairs: If the no. of letters between two letters in a word are as equal as the no. of letters between them in English alphabet, the letters are called the Letter Pair.

Example 5. How many letters pairs in the word PARADISE are such pairs, which contain the same no. of letters between them as they have in the English alphabet?

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 1

(D) 3

Ans (D)


Here, starts the counting from the letter in the word in the order of the alphabet. The pair will be found where the alphabet is matched.

Here, only one letter – Q – is between P & R in the English alphabet & here also it has only one letter.

Similarly, no. of letters between A & D are two in the alphabet & in the given word as well. Similarly, no. of letters between A & E are same as in alphabet – 3.

Thus, we have 3 letter pairs here.

Second Method – We can solve here by writing the sequence of letters too.

In the given word, next 2 after 16 means 18, which is R. Similarly, we can find other pairs too.

Numbers Pairs : When two digit of a number have the same no. of digits between them as they have in the ascending or descending order, the digits are called the Number Pairs.

Example 6. How many digits in 284371 are at the same distance from the starting when they will be arranged in the descending order?

(A) None

(B) One

(C) Two

(D) Three

Ans (D)


(D) 2 8   4 3    7   1

       8 7  4 3    2   1             

Here, the number asked are arranged in the Descending order as per the question. Some number will come at their initial places, then they will be number pair.

Meaningful word formation: In this type of question, some letters are taken out from the given letters & the Meaningful word is formed using OR the Meaningful word is formed from the letters given in the question. The correct words can be made when we have a good knowledge about the words.

Example.7. Using 1st, 7th, 8th & 10th letter of the word ‘ADJUSTMENT’ only for once, if a meaningful word can be formed, which would be the last letter of that word? If more than one meaningful words are found, give the answer M & if not a single meaningful word is found, give the answer X. 

(A) A

(B) M

(C) T

(D) X

Ans (B)


The meaningful word is MEAT, TEAM.

Arranging the letters in the dictionary order: In this of question, the letters or words are arranged in the order of the alphabet & the dictionary respectively.

Example.8. Which of the following words will be exactly in the middle as per the order of the dictionary?

Parakashji, Parkashji, Parakashjee, Prakashee, Prakashji

(A) Parakashji

(B) Prakashji

(C) Parkashji

(D) None of these

Ans (D)


(C) If we know how to find the meaning of a word from the dictionary, it will be easier for us to solve this type of questions.

We’ll move ahead by identifying the letters as per the English alphabet. Like, 1st , 2nd,…..

Parakashji           -              2

Parkashji             -             3

Parakashjee       -              1

Prakashjee         -              4

Prakashji             -            5

Question Based on Series: In this type of questions, a series is given which contains letters/symbol/digits in the uncertain sequence.

Direction : Study the following arrangement carefully & answer the following questions : 

R 4 P I J M Q 3 % T @ © U K 5 V 1 W

$ Y 2 B E 6 #  9 D H 8 G * Z N

Type – 1

9. Who is 6th at the left of 15th from the left in above arrangement?

(A) 2

(B) #

(C) %

(D) $

Ans (C)  


Sixth left of 15th from left

15 – 6 = 9

Or 9th  from left

Type – 2 : When a specific situation of element in the series is to be found & it is preceded & followed by some elements – Letter Symbol Digit

10.How many numbers in the above arrangement are such which are preceded by consonant & not followed by a letter?

(A) None

(B) One

(C) Two

(D) Three

Ans (B)


Q             3              %

Consonant Number Letter.

Type – 5 : When a portion of a series is reversed & place of an element in it is given & the place of the other element is to be found.

11. In the above arrangement, if the last ten terms are reversed, then which will be the 4th term at right from the 12th element from right?

(A) 9

(B) Z

(C) *

(D) H

Ans (C)


Right – Right = 12 – 4 = 8.

Students can ask me anything in the comment section related to alphabet series reasoning tricks, if they face any problem or doubt during preparation exam.

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