GK Questions - Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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Basic GK Questions

61. Barack Obama, the President of America comes from which of the following Americian States?  

A.  California
B.  lllinois
C.  Virginia
D.  lndiana

Ans .B

62. Who among the following Indian origin immigrants has become the governor of Louisianna province of the USA in 2007?  

A. Swaraj Paul
B. Laxmi Mittal
C. Vikram Pandit
D. Bobby Jindal

Ans .D

63. Geeta Chandran is well known as a / an  

A.  Bharatnatyam dancer
B.  Classical Carnatic Vocalist
C.  Film Director
D.  Exponent of Violin

Ans .A

64. Who among the following was the first Defense Minister of India?  

A.  KM Cariappa
B.  Sardar Patel
C.  Maulana Azad
D.  N Gopalaswami Ayyangar

Ans .D

65. The first person to conduct heart transplantation in India is  

A.  Dr.PKK Ayyangar
B.  Dr. R. Valiathan
C.  Dr. Venugopal
D.  Dr. R. Kesavan Nair

Ans .C

66. Who among the first lady Governor of an Indian state?  

A.  Miss Padmaja Naidu
B.  Mrs Sarojini Naidu
C.  Mrs Sucheta Kripalani
D.  Mrs Tarakeshwari Sinha

Ans .B

67. Who among the following was the first lady Prime Minister in the World?  

A.  Golda Meir
B.  Indira Gandhi
C.  Mary Eugenia Charles
D.  Shirimavo Bhandaranaike

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68. The first Indian Woman to scale Mount Everest was  

A.  Arati Saha
B.  Asha Agarwal
C.  Bachendri Pal
D.  Reita Fariya

Ans .C

69. The first Indian to swim across English Channel was  

A.  P.K Banerji
B.  Arati Saha
C.  V.Merchant
D.  Mihir Sen

Ans .D

70. Chandigarh was designed by  

A.  Le Corbousier
B.  Edward Lutyens
C.  Christopher W4141.ren
D.  Michelongo

Ans .A

71. The first President of USA to visit India was  

A.  Thomas Jefferson
B.  John F.Kennedy
C. D.W. Eisenhower   

D.  George Washington

Ans .C

72. Founded of Boys Scout and Civil Guide was  

A.  Charles Andrews
B.  Robert Montgomery
C.  Richard Temple
D.  Baden Powell

Ans .D

73. The first PM of England was  

A.  Benjamin Dizrelli
B.  Oliver Cramwell
C.  Gladstone
D.  Ropert walpol

Ans .C

74. who among the following was the first woman minister of a state ?  

A.  Vijayalakshmi Pandit
B.  Sarojini Naidu
C.  RajKumari Amrit Kaur
D.  Indira Gandhi

Ans .C

75. The architect of North and South Blocks of Central Secretariat in Delhi was  

A.  Herbert Bakers
B.  Sir Edward Lutyens
C.  Ropert T Russel
D.  Antonin Reymond

Ans .B

76. The highest waterfall of the world is  

A.  Jog Falls
B.  Ribbon
C.  Angel
D.  Gavarine

Ans .C

77. The deepest lake in thw world is  

A.  Wular Lake
B.  Victoria Nyanza
C.  Lake Superior
D.  Baikal Lake

Ans .D

78. Diamond mines in India are found in  

A.  Rajasthan
B.  Bihar
C.  Madhya Pradesh
D.  Rajasthan

Ans .C

79. Which of the following states is landlocked  

A.  Assam
B.  Orissa
C.  Andhra
D.  Kerala

Ans .A

80. Calcutta is situated on the banks of the river  

A.  Ganges
B.  Krishna
C.  Hoogly
D.  Brahmaputra

Ans .C

81. The book ‘Letters from a Father to Daughter’ was written by  

A.  Rajaji
B.  Mahatma Gandhi
C.  Jawaharlal Nehru
D.  Radhakrishnan

Ans .C

82. W. Harvey discovered  

A.  Laws of heredity
B.  Dynamite
C.  Circulation of blood
D.  Crystal dynamics

Ans .C

83. World’s first Woman Cosmonaut is  

A.  Junko Tabei
B.  Valentina Tereshkova
C.  Virginia wade
D.  Arati Gupta

Ans .B

84. The planet nearest to the sun is  

A.  Saturn
B.  Jupiter
C.  Venus
D.  Mercury

Ans .D

85. On the surface of the moon the weight of a man  

A.  Remain the same
B.  Increases
C.  Decreases
D.  May or may not increase

Ans .C

86. What is the main component of biogas and natural gas?  

A.  Ethane
B.  Methane
C.  Propane
D.  Butane

Ans .B

87. Which one of the following is printed on a commonly used fluorescent tube light?  

A.  220 K
B.  273 K
C.  65000 K
D.  9000 K

Ans .C

88. Aviation fuel for Jet aeroplanes consists of purified  

A.  Petrol
B.  Kerosene
C.  Gasoline
D.  Diesel

Ans .B

89. Which team did Sachin Tendulkar play for in the Ranji Trophy when he made his debut in first class cricket?  

A.  Karnataka
B.  Delhi
C.  Mumbai
D.  Kerala

Ans .C

90. The first bank established in india was  

A. punjab bank
B. traders bank
C. state bank of india
D. bank of hindustan

Ans .D

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