GK Questions - Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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Basic General Knowledge Questions

91. What element’s three isotopes have different names?  

A. Helium
B. Oxygen
C. Carbon
D. Hydrogen

Ans .D

92. Which one among the following radiations carries maximum energy?  

A.  Ultraviolet rays
B.  Gamma rays
C.  X- rays
D.  Infra red rays

Ans .B

93. The Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) is located at  

A.  Jaipur
B.  Jodhpur
C.  Jaisalmer
D.  Jallandhar

Ans .B

94. Pure water freezes at what temperature?  

A.  47 F
B.  32 F
C.  0 F
D.  19 F

Ans .B

95. Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruits?  

A.  Vitamin A
B.  Vitamin B
C.  Vitamin C
D.  Vitamin D

Ans .C

96. The Gate way of India is

A. Chennai
B. Mumbai
C. Kolkata
D. New Delhi

Ans .B

97. The device used for measuring altitudes is

A. altimeter
B. ammeter
C. audiometer
D. galvanometer

Ans .A

98. Black soils are best suited for the cultivation of

A. Cotton
B. Rice
C. Cereals
D. Sugarcane

Ans .A

99. Which soil is suitable for agriculture

A. Red soil
B. Sand
C. Black soil
D. Peaty soil

Ans .D

100. Mount Everest is located in

A. India
B. Nepal
C. Tibet
D. China

Ans .B

101. The hottest planet in the solar system

A. Earth
B. Venus
C. Mars
D. Jupiter

Ans .B

102. The first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress

A. Azad
B. M.A.Jinnah
C. Rahimulla Sayani
D. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Ans .C

103. “One People, One State, One leader” was the policy of

A. Stalin
B. Hitler
C. Lenin
D. Mussolin

Ans .B

104. The river that flows through Delhi is

A. Ganges
B. Indus
C. Yamuna
D. Narmada

Ans .C

105. Name the plant important in sericulture

A. Pea
B. Legumes
C. Mulberry
D. Cassia

Ans .C

106. The Hindustan Shipyard is located at

A. Chennai
B. Mumbai
C. Vishakapatnam
D. Mangalore

Ans .C

107. Punjab is famous for

A. Nylon textile
B. Silk textile
C. Woolen textile
D. Cotton textile

Ans .C

108. The oldest literary work available in Tamil was

A. Silappadikaram
B. Tholkappiyam
C. Thirukkural
D. Manimegalai

Ans .B

109. Which city is famous for Cotton Industry in TamilNadu

A. Coimbatore
B. Trichy
C. Madurai
D. Chennai

Ans .A

110. The state that has the largest number of Cotton textile mills

A. Maharashtra
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Gujarat

Ans .A

111. The largest fresh water lake in India is

A. Pulicat Lake
B. Veeranam Lake
C. Chilka Lake
D. Kolleru Lake

Ans .D

112. Name the Governor General who abolished sati in 1829

A. Lord Clive
B. Lord Curzon
C. Lord William Bentinck
D. Lord Dalhousie

Ans .C

113. The chemical name of Chloroform is

A. Sulphuric acid
B. Sodium Chloride
C. Sodium Carbonate
D. Trichloromethane

Ans .D

114. The largest river in India is

A. Yamuna
B. Kaveri
C. Ganga
D. Bramaputra

Ans .C

115. Country that was called as Land of Rising Sun

A. Russia
B. Japan
C. Korea
D. Holland

Ans .B

116. The world smallest country is

A. Canada
B. Russia
C. Maldives
D. Vatican City

Ans .D

117. The first Indian Satellite was

A. Columbia
B. Bhaskara
C. Aryabhatta
D. Rohinh

Ans .C

118. The brighest planet is

A. Mars
B. Mercury
C. Neptune
D. Venus

Ans .D

119. Satellite launching station is

A. Pune
B. Trombay
C. Sriharikota
D. Thumba

Ans .C

120. The planet nearest to the Sun is

A. Venus
B. Mercury
C. Jupiter
D. Saturn

Ans .B

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