Biology Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam

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Biology GK

These are important Biology Questions and Answers or all competitive exams. You should practice with these Biology Questions and Answers. I am providing you very useful biology related questions and answers which will help you in your competitive exams while solving questions.  

Prepare with 30 selective biology GK questions and answers. You can also check Objective Questions with Answers of English Grammar for SSC Exams. 

These questions are very important for any types of Competitive exams. Visit: Tense Exercise with Answer for SSC Exams.

Selective Biology Questions and Answers:

1. The Galapagos Islands are associated with the visit of

(a) Jean Lamarck

(b) Charles Darwin

(c) Gregor Mendel

(d) Alfred Wallace

Ans . B

2. Which of the following was most influential upon Darwin‟s formulation of theory of natural


(a) De Vries concept of mutation

(b) Wallace‟s paper on survival

(c) Malthus‟s essay on population

(d) Lamarck‟s on inheritance of acquired characters

Ans . C

3. „Survival of the fittest‟ was used by

(a) Charles Darwin

(b) Jean Baptiste Lamarck

(c) Hugo deVries

(d) Herbert Spencer

Ans . D

4. After observing the variations HUGO DE VRIES first of all described the mutation in

(a) Oenothera lamarl.4ana

(b) Neurospora crassa

(c) Pisum sativum

(d) Drosophila melanogaster

Ans . A

5. According to scientists, the Big Bang occurred approximately ? years ago.

(a) 100 million

(b) 100 thousand

(c) 1 billion

(d) 15 billion

Ans . D

6. PASTEUR succeeded in disproving the spontaneous generation theory because

(a) he was lucky

(b) he was ingenious in drawing out the neck of glass flasks, so as to provide access to air but not to


(c) of the fact that sample of yeast taken by him was dead

(d) of the clear surrounding of his laboratory

Ans . B

7. The first organisms were

(a) primitive eukaryotes

(b) aerobic bacteria

(c) prokaryotic

(d) photosynthetic

Ans . C

8. Why was the primitive atmosphere of Earth more beneficial to the origin of life than the modern

atmosphere of Earth?

(a) The primitive atmosphere had a layer of ozone that shielded the first delicate cells

(b) The primitive atmosphere was reducing one that facilitated the formation of complex

substances from simple molecules

(c) The primitive atmosphere was an oxidising one that facilitated the formation of complex

substances from simple molecules

(d) The primitive atmosphere has less free energy than the modern atmosphere, and thus newly

Ans . B

9. Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life was

(a) Oparin

(b) Miller

(c) Haldane

(d) Fox

Ans . A

10. In their laboratory simulation of early Earth, Miller and Urey observed the abiotic synthesis

(a) amino acids

(b) coacervates

(c) DNA

(d) liposmes

Ans . A

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Biology Questions and Answers, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for Biology GK Questions, Visit next page.

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