Chemistry GK Quiz and Questions

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Chemistry GK Quiz and Questions

Chemistry GK Quiz and Questions asked in many competitive exams and also chemistry GK is important for SSC and Banking exams. Practice with important  Easy Chemistry GK  Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam.  

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Here you can learn Easy Chemistry GK Quiz and Questions general knowledge with the collection of 40 important Chemistry GK Quiz and Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam. Prepare for competitive exam by practice chemistry GK question and answers.

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Chemistry GK Quiz and Questions 

Q :  

What is liberated when the base is dissolved in water?

(A) (OH) - ion

(B) H + ion

(C) Both ions

(D) No ion

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

What is the pH value of salts made from strong acids and weak bases?

(A) more than 7

(B) less than 7

(C) Between 10 and 14

(D) less than 14

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

What are the substances that participate in a reaction?

(A) consideration

(B) Deductive

(C) reactants

(D) Oxidizer

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Which of the following reactions always have pairs together?

(A) combination and dissolution

(B) precipitation and displacement

(C) neutralization and displacement

(D) Oxidation and degradation

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

What type of reaction is corrosion?

(A) Reduction reaction

(B) precipitation reaction

(C) oxidation reaction

(D) combination reaction

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

A mixture of silver nitrate in a salt solution produces a curd-like substance. What is this reaction?

(A) Displacement

(B) neutralization

(C) combination

(D) precipitation

Correct Answer : B

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