Exam Based History GK Questions of Gupta Empire

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exam based history gk questions of gupta empire

The Gupta Empire was one of the major empires of ancient India. This empire was founded in the fourth decade of the third century and its rise in the early fourth century. After its fall, many feudatories and rulers declared their independence and established independent dynasties. Also, "Gupta period" is a very important subject of ancient Indian history in terms of competitive examination.

Here today, we are providing important questions of Indian History GK based on Gupta Empire which are very useful for students preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Railways, Banking, State PSC, CDS, NDA, SSC CGL. This article contains objective type questions asked in various government exams of the previous year. So practice these questions daily to succeed in the exam -

Indian History GK Question of Gupta Empire

Q.1 Who was the founder of Gupta Empire?

(A) Samudra Gupta

(B) Shri Gupta

(C) Ram Niwas Gupta

(D) Vikarmaditya

Ans .  B

To Know Selective GK Questions: selective-important-history-gk-question-in-hindi   

Q.2 What was the period of rule of Samudra Gupta?

(A) 375-396 AD

(B) 370-380 AD

(C) 380-398 AD

(D) 330-375 AD

Ans .  D

Q.3 The Gupta king who was good player of Veena?

(A) Chandra Gupta

(B) Samudra Gupta

(C) Vikarmaditya

(D) Kumara Gupta

Ans .  C

Q.4 The Vengi king who was defeated by Samudra Gupta?

(A) Hastiverma

(B) Danarnava

(C) Vimaladitya

(D) Vijayaditya

Ans .  A

Q.5 The Gupta king who destroyed Sakas?

(A) Samudra Gupta

(B) Chandra Gupta 1

(C) Kumara Gupta

(D) Chandra Gupta 2

Ans .  D

Q.6 The gold coin during Gupta period called?

(A) Rupaka

(B) Niska

(C) Tanka

(D)  Pana

Ans .  A

Q.7 The Gupta king who has the title of “Mahendraditya”?

(A) Vishnu Gupta

(B) Rama Gupta

(C) Buddha Gupta

(D) Kumara Gupta

Ans .  A

Q.8 The Gupta ruler who repaired Sudarshan Lake for second time?

(A) Skand Gupta

(B) Rama Gupta

(C) Samudra Gupta

(D) Vishnu Gupta

Ans .  A

Q.9 How many inscriptions are available for Guptas Period?

(A) 40

(B) 38

(C) 42

(D) 48

Ans .  C

Q.10 The court Poet of Samudra Gupta was?

(A) Mahasena

(B) Harisena

(C) Ravikeerthi

(D) Veerasena

Ans .  B

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