General Awareness Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

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General Awareness Questions

Today I am providing General Awareness Questions 2018 for Competitive Exams. You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of General Awareness Questions and answers for SSC and other Competitive Exams. This post of General Awareness is very important and also related to GK Questions and Answers.

This blog is based on selective and important General Awareness Questions.  As you know General Awareness is the very useful topic for SSC, Banking and other Competitive Exams.

Choose from general awareness topics to practice general awareness questions with answers:


General Awareness is important for bank exams so practice it with selective general awareness questions and answers. Here I listed general awareness questions for SSC and general awareness questions 2018.

General Awareness Questions and Answers 2018 for bank Exams:

1).In which city was 102nd Indian Science Congress held in 2015?

a) Mumbai

b) Kolkata

c) Gandhinagar

d) New Delhi

Ans .  D


2).In which city was 18th SAARC summit held in 2014?

a) Islamabad

b) Kathmandu

c) New Delhi

d) Dhaka

Ans .  A


3).In which country was 6th BRICS Summit held in 2014?

a) Russia

b) South Africa

c) India

d) Brazil

Ans .  C


4).In which city was UN Climate Change Summit held in 2014?

a) Paris

 b) Brisbane

c) New York

d) Sydney

Ans .  A


5).In which city was 9th G-20 Summit held in 2014? For more SSC study materials visit: Page 2

a) Seoul

b) London

c) Saint Petersburg

d) Brisbane

Ans .  D


6).In which city was 25th ASEAN Summit held in 2014?

a) Nay Pyi Daw

b) Singapore

c) Bail d) Kulala Lumpur

Ans .  D


7).The 6th IBSA Summit was held in 2013 at ______.

a) Brasilia

b) New Delhi

 c) Pretoria

d) Cape Town

Ans .  D


8).The member countries of IBSA Dialogue Forum are_____.

a) India, Brazil and South Africa

b) India, Britain and Spain

c) Israel, Brazil and Sweden

d) India, Bangladesh and South Africa

Ans .  A


9).The member countries of BRICS are ______.

a) Britain, Russia, Ireland, Canada and Sweden

b) Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, China and South Africa

c) Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

d) Britain, Russia, India, Canada and Spain

Ans .  C


10).Following 2014 Crimean crisis, the G-8 Group became G-7 Group by expelling _______.

a) Russia

b) Germany

c) France

d) Canada

Ans .  B


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