GK Questions and Answers 2021-22

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GK Questions and Answers 2021-22

General Knowledge Questions are becoming difficult according to the examination pattern and syllabus with increasing competition for competitive exams. To face it, the candidates have only one option remaining - Practice, Practice, and More Practice. Yes, practice is such a key, through which GK questions and questions can get full marks. General Knowledge Question and Answer 2021-22 is required for SSC GD and SSC MTS 2020 held at the end of this year, but also the next year's SSC selection post and SSC CGL 2020 is also essential.

GK Questions and Answers

In this blog, we are trying to collect a huge number of GK Questions and Answers 2021-22 or GK quiz 2021-22. These General Knowledge Questions are very useful for various competitive exam purposes like UPSC, SSC, RPSC, Railway exam, Bank PO and Bank clerk, etc.

Students can easily get free General Knowledge Mock Test and Current Affairs Mock Test on this platform for online exam practice to obtain good marks in the competitive exams. 

GK Questions and Answers 2021-22 

  Q :  

Who among the following has written Bidrohi, one of the most famous Bengali poems?

(A) Rabindranath Tagore

(B) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhhyaya

(C) Kazi Nazrul Islam

(D) Sambhunath Pandit

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

What was the original name of Mirabehn, an associate and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi?

(A) Oliver Schriener

(B) Millie Graham Polock

(C) Madeline Slade

(D) Margarate Cousins

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Under which among the following treaties, Clive had secured the grant of the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa from Mughal Emperor Shah Alam?

(A) Treaty of Allahabad

(B) Treaty of Buxar

(C) Treaty of Bassein

(D) Treaty of Sugauli

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

The British East India Company ceased to be a trading Company via which among the following legislation?

(A) Pitts India Act of 1784

(B) Charter Act of 1833

(C) Charter Act of 1813

(D) Government of India Act 1858

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

At which among the following places, the All India Muslim League was established in 1906?

(A) Dhaka

(B) Naypyidaw

(C) Islamabad

(D) Muscat

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Who among the following was called by Jahangir as “English Khan”?

(A) Sir Thomas Roe

(B) William Hawkins

(C) Henry Middleton

(D) None of the above

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

Which section of the Hindu Marriage Act specifies guardianship for marriage?

(A) Section 6

(B) Section 7

(C) Section 8

(D) Section 9

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 is divided into how many parts?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

The headquarters of Central Consumer Protection Authority is proposed in?

(A) Mumbai

(B) New Delhi

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Lucknow

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

Criminal conspiracy is a distinct and substantive offence added to the Indian Penal Code in which year?

(A) 1912

(B) 1913

(C) 1914

(D) 1915

Correct Answer : B

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