GK Questions on Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

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Each and every student should have an idea about General Knowledge Questions. So, in view of that we focused mainly important and previous asked questions in various examinations like Talent Test for different Competitive Exams. So, be update and stay tuned regularly so that you can gain more knowledge which is useful for competitive exams.

In this section, I am providing all types of GK Questions on Current Affairs related to General Knowledge.  

By visit here, you can read common general knowledge questions for your better performance in competitive exams. 

GK Questions on Current Affairs for Competitive Exams 

Q.1 Squirrel’s nest is called – 

(A) Drey

(B) Fulica Cornuta

(C) Falco rusticolos

(D) Leipoa

Ans .  A

Q.2 Among the 12 gods of Olympus, the God of Beauty and Love – 

(A) Aphrodite

(B) Lord Shiva

(B) Lord Jesus

(D) Mohammad Saheb

Ans .  A

Q.3 First session of the Indian National Congress was held at – 

(A) Nagpur

(B) Kanpur

(C) Bombay (Mumbai)

(D) Pune

Ans .  C

Q.4 Acid rain is caused by –  

(A) PO2 and NO2

(B) NAO2 and NO2

(C) SO2 and NO2

(D) CO2 and NO2.

Ans .  C

Q.5 _____satellites help in telecast T.V. network programs, all over country- 

(A) Insat-IB

(B) Rohini

(C) Arihant

(D) Insat-BB

Ans .  A

Q.6 Program introduced by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to strengthen power transmission and network distribution was – 

(A) Integrated Power Development Scheme.(IPDS)

(B) Anpurna Yojana

(C) Rashtrya Mission

(C) Clean India

Ans .  A

Q.7 ________is a big centre for Rolled Gold Ornaments- 

(A) Hatpin

(B) Hairpin

(C) Machilipatnam

(D) Coronet

Ans .  C

Q.8 Author of famous book “The Hound of Baskervillie”- 

(A) Sir Arthur Cannon Doyle

(B) Nelson Mandela

(C) Mahatma Gandhi

(D) Noor Begum

Ans .  A

Q.9 First five-year plan in India (1951-56) gave importance to – 

(A) Agriculture, Irrigation

(B) Internet

(C) Village development

(D) Rural development

Ans .  A

Q.10 Balloon was invented by – 

(A) Norton

(B) Smith

(C) Jacques & Joseph Montgolfier.(1783), France

(D) Newton

Ans .  C

If you have any problem or doubt regarding GK Questions on current affairs for Competitive Exams, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for GK Questions, Visit next page.

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