How to Solve Reasoning Puzzles with Tricks for Bank PO and SSC Exams

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how to solve reasoning puzzles tricks

Preparation is the foundation of all competitive exams but it will be easy if you prepare with reasoning puzzle tricks to solve questions with answers. So, here I am sharing how to solve reasoning puzzles with tricks for bank PO and SSC exams.

You should learn these crucial reasoning puzzles tricks to save your time in the competitive exams and to improve your performance skills as well. Read reasoning puzzle questions with answers for more practice.

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Puzzle Test Questions

Example1: Conditions;

(A) There are six members in a family – A, B, C, D, E & F, including two married couples.

(B) Two of them are doctors, one is a teacher, one is a clerk & two are the artists. Both the doctors are of same gender.

(C) A & C are in the same profession.

(D) Teacher is married to a doctor & an artist is married to clerk.

(E) A is an artist & E is male doctor. Both are unmarried.

(F) F is a husband of B.


Q.1 What is the profession of B?

(A) Clerk 

(B) Teacher

(C) Doctor

(D) Artist

Ans. (B)

Q.2 To whom the teacher is married?

(A) D

(B) F

(C) C

(D) A

Ans. (B)

Q.3 Who is a clerk?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) D

Ans. (D)

Q.4 The married couples from the following are -

(A) CD and BE

(B) CD and FB

(C) FD and EB

(D) CF and BE

Ans. (B)

Q.5 Which of the information is required from the above?

(A) I

(B) II


(D) All are necessary

Ans (D)


Example2: Six lectures – A, B, C, D, E, & F are to be held from Sunday to Saturday. Only one lecture per day will be conducted according to the following conditions:

(A) A will not be conducted on Thursday.

(B) C will be conducted immediately after F. 

(C) Two day’s leave should be provided between E & D.

(D) Except for Friday, there will be no lecture on one day & lecture D will be conducted exactly before the leave.

(E) Lecture B will be conducted on Tuesday & lecture D will not be conducted exactly after B.

Questions : 

Q.1 How many lectures will be conducted between C & D?

(A) None

(B) One

(C) Two

(D) Three

Ans (D)

Q.2 Which of the following lectures will be on the last day?

(A) A

(B) C

(C) B

(D) F

Ans (A)

Q.3 Which information is required to organize the lectures?

(A) Only A

(B) Only B

(C) Only E

(D) All are necessary

Ans (D)

Q.4 On which day lecture F will be conducted?

(A) Friday

(B) Saturday

(C) Sunday

(D) Thursday 

Ans (D)

Q.5 On which day there will not be any lecture?

(A) Sunday

(B) Friday

(C) Saturday

(D) Monday

Ans (D)















Example – 3.

P, Q, R, S, T, U are 6 family members, including two married couples. Teacher T is married to a doctor, who is a mother of R & U. Lawyer Q is married to P. P has a son & a grandson. One of the married two women is a housewife. There is a Student & a male engineer in the family. Which of the following is TRUE about the family’s granddaughter?

(A) She is a lawyer 

(B) She is an engineer 

(C) She is a student

(D) She is a doctor 

Ans (C)


Here, we have to find about a boy & girl from R & U. But, it is said that a man is an engineer, so the child would be a student. So, grand-daughter is a student.

Students can ask me anything in the comment section regarding reasoning puzzles tricks for bank PO and SSC, in case of any doubt.

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