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Here is the selective and important Indian History Question with answers on General Knowledge for all types of competitive exams. These Indian history GK questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again for competitive exams. So these Indian history GK questions are for your practice. 

Here is also important Rajasthan GK Questions in English. It may be asked in competitive Exams. 



1) What was the capital of Aang Mahajanpada?
 A. Champa
 B. Vaishali
 C. Pushkalavati
 D. Koushambi

Ans .  A

2) Who was the founder of Haryark Dynasty?
A. Shishupal
 B. Bimbsar
C. Ajatashatru 

D. Udiyan

Ans .  B

3) Who was the first foreigner who invaded India/
  A. Derious
  B. Sikandar
  C. Selyucus
  D. Philip

Ans .  A

4) What was the name of Goutam Buddha’s mother?
  A. Goutami
  B. Mahamaya
  C. Yashodhara
  D. Chelna

Ans .  B

5) Who fought the war of Jhelum?
  A. Ameer and Sinndar
  B. Porash and Sikandar
  C. Yodhey and Sikandar
  D. Ghananand and Sikandar

Ans .  B

6) Gautam Buddh’s leaving home is known as 
  A. Mahabhinishkraman
  B. Dharmabhishek
  C. Dharmchakra paravartan
  D. Mahaparinirvana

Ans .  A

7) What was the symbol of first Teerthankar Rishabhdeva ?
  A. Elephant
  B. Bull
  C. Lion
  D. Blue lotus

Ans .  B

8) Where did Mahaveer Swami attain knowledge?
  A. Koushambi
  B. Nalanda
  C. Jumbhikagram
  D. Anantpuri

Ans .  C

9) Who established Pattilputra ?
  A. Bimbsar
  B. Udiyan
  C. Shishunag
  D. Chandragupta

Ans .  B

10) Which Mourya Ruler is also known as “Amitraghat”?
  A. Chandragupta
  B. Bindusar
  C. Ashok
  D. Dashrath

Ans .  B

Indian History Questions


11) Proto Shiva seal is found from which site of Indus Valley civilization?

  A.   Mohanjodaro

  B.   Lothal

  C.   Kalibanga

  D.   Banwali

Ans .  A


12) “Double burials” is found from which site of Indus Valley civilization?

  A.   Banwali

  B.   Dholaveer

  C.   Surkotda

  D.   Lothal

Ans .  D


13) Which is the largest Indian site of Indus civilization?

  A.   Ropar

  B.   Lothal

  C.   Kalibanga

  D.   Dholaveer

Ans .  D


14) In Indian Valley civilization Copper was supplied from which of these places?

  A.   Khetdi

  B.   Kolar

  C.   Kirthar

  D.   Afghanistan

Ans .  A


15) Kalibanga is situated in which of these states ?

  A.   Haryana

  B.   Gujarat

  C.   Rajasthan

  D.   Punjab

Ans .  A


16) Seven fire altars are found from which of these site?

  A.   Kalibanga

  B.   Rangpur

  C.   Mohanjodaro

  D.   Amari

Ans .  A


17) How many Hymes are there in Rigveda?

  A.   1014

  B.   1016

  C.   1028

  D.   1046

Ans .  C


18) Gopath brahman is associated with which of these Vedas ?

  A.   Rigveda

  B.   Samveda

  C.   Yajurveda

  D.   Atherva Veda

Ans .  D


19) Who wrote Ashtadhyayi ?

  A.   Parni

  B.   Yask

  C.   Patanjali

  D.   Bhas

Ans .  A


20) Who propounded Vaishesik Philosophy ?

  A.   Kapil

  B.   Jaimini

  C.   Uluk Kanad

  D.   Badrayan

Ans .  C

History Questions with Answers


21) “Chand Pradhyot” was the ruler of which Mahajanpada?
A. Avanti
B. Vatsa
C. Matsya
D. Ashmaka

Ans .  A

22) Who wrote “Arthshastara?

A. Chanakya
B. Kalidas
C. Kumargupta
D. Kalhan

Ans .  A

23) Chandragupta’s migration to South with Bhadra Bhahu is mentioned in which of these scriptures?

A. Kalpasutra
B. Mudrarakshas
C. Parishist Parvn
D. Bhadrabhahu charitra

Ans .  A

24) Who has written Mudrarakshas?

A. Visharavdatta
B. Matta Mayur
C. Nagarjun
D. Bhavbhuti

Ans .  A

25) Who wrote Mrachakatikam?

A. Vishakhadatta
B. Shudrak
C. Banbhatt
D. Bhas

Ans .  B

26) In which Rock edicts the information of Ashok’s visit to Bouddhgaya is found?

A. Rock edicts – 1
B. Rock edicts 2
C. Rock edicts 8
D. Rock edicts13

Ans .  C

27) How many parts of state has been described by Chanakya in ‘Arthashastra’?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Ans .  D

28) Which new post was created by Ashoka?

A. Sannidhata
B. Samahartta
C. Pradeshta
D. Dhammahamatra

Ans .  D

29) Who was the wife of Ashoka ?

A. Tishyrakshita
B. Devi
C. Karuvaki
D. All of these

Ans .  D

30) Deepvansh Mahavansh Text is associated with which country?

A. Srilanka
B. Verma
C. Thailand
D. Kambodiya

Ans .  A

Indian Ancient History Questions


31) Who was victorious in ‘Dasrajan’ war?
  A. Sudas
  B. Bhalnas
  C. Shivi
  D. Turvas

Ans .  A

32) What was the name of river Chinab known during vedic period?

  A. Visttata
  B. Askani
  C. Vipasha
  D. Purushni

Ans .  A

33) Which brahman text describes the Rituals of ploughing

  A. Satpath
  B. Aitray
  C. Gopath
  D. Koshambi

Ans .  A

34) “Satyamev Jayte” is taken from which of these text ?

  A. Kathopnishad
  B. Mundkopnishad
  C. Swetasvataronishada
  D. Sounak

Ans .  B

35) First mention of four Ashrams is found 

  A. Jabalopnishada
  B. Brihadaranyak upanishada
  C. Prashnopnishada
  D. Kenoupnishad

Ans .  A

36) Which is the Oldest Religious scripture?

  A. Bhagvat Puran
  B. Vayu Puran
  C. Matsya puran
  D. Harivansh puran

Ans .  A

37) What do you mean by ‘Bhag and Bali’

  A. Worship of god
  B. Havi
  C. Sacrifices in yagya
  D. Tax

Ans .  D

38) Which principle Mahaveer swami added into the four principles of Parshvanath ?

  A. Ahinsha
  B. Aprigrah
  C. Asteya
  D. Brahmacharya

Ans .  D

39) Who presided the first Buddist council ?

  A. Mahakasyapa
  B. Gunabhanda
  C. Sabbakami
  D. Stholbhadra

Ans .  A

40) ”Nothing definite can be said about any subject’’. What is this Jain principal

known as?
  A. Anishwarbad
  B. Janbad
  C. Syadbaad
  D. Karmawad

Ans .  C

These Indian History GK Questions are very important and generally asked in competitive exams. I am providing 40 Indian History GK Questions with Answers for your best practice. Indian History Objective questions and answers. Indian History GK Questions. Indian History GK Questions for Competitive Exams.

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