Indian Polity Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Indian Polity Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Indian Polity Questions and Answers is a crucial topic for various competitive exams in India, including civil services, state services, and other government job exams. It encompasses the structure, functions, and powers of the government, its institutions, and the rights and duties of citizens. Understanding Indian Polity Questions and Answers is essential for anyone aspiring to be a civil servant or seeking a career in public administration. Questions related to Indian polity in competitive exams require a thorough understanding of the subject matter and an ability to analyze and apply the knowledge to real-life situations.

Indian Polity Questions

In this article Indian Polity Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams, we are sharing the latest questions of Indian Polity GK for those aspirants who are preparing for upcoming competitive exams. These Indian Polity Questions and Answers are related to Indian Constitution, the Parliament, the judiciary, the executive, federalism, fundamental rights, and duties, among others.

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Indian Polity Questions and Answers

Q :  

Which one of the following is correct in the order in which the following Presidents served?

(A) N.S. Reddy, Giani Zail Singh, R. Venkataraman, Dr. Shankardayal Sharma

(B) N.S. Reddy, R. Venkataraman, Giani Zail Singh, Dr. Shankardayal Sharma

(C) N.S. Reddy, Dr. Shankardayal Sharma, R. Venkataraman, Giani Zail Singh

(D) R. Venkataraman, Dr.Shankardayal Sharma, Giani Zail Singh, N.S. Reddy

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Who among the following has the supreme command over the Indian security forces?

(A) Prime Minister of India

(B) Defense Minister of India

(C) Indian Union Council of Ministers

(D) President of India

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

Who is the only other Vice President of India who has attained the post in the second successive period after Radhakrishnan?

(A) K.R. Narayanan

(B) B.S.Shekhawat

(C) M.H. Ansari

(D) Dr.Shankardayal Sharma

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Under which of the following pardoning power of the President, the nature of punishment is mitigated?

(A) commutation

(B) avoidance

(C) postponement

(D) procrastination

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

Article 72 of the Constitution empowers the President to grant pardons to persons who have been tried and convicted of any offense.

Q :  

If the President of India wants to resign, to whom should he address this resignation?

(A) Chief Justice of India

(B) Prime Minister

(C) Vice President

(D) Speaker (Speaker)

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

When the Vice-President is acting President, he

I. shall have all the powers and functions of both the President and the Vice President

II. Will get all the allowances and privileges of the President

III. shall continue to act as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

(A) I, II and III

(B) I and III

(C) I and II

(D) II only

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

The constitution provides that when the vice president acts as the president or discharges the duties of the president, the vice president is entitled to the salary and privileges of the president. The pension for the vice president is 50% of the salary.

Q :  

How many members can the President nominate to both Houses of Parliament?

(A) 16

(B) 10

(C) 12

(D) 14

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

The vacancy in the office of the President must be filled by ……. inside.

(A) 6 months

(B) 12 months

(C) 1 month

(D) 3 months

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

The President of India can issue a Proclamation of National Emergency only on the written recommendation of?

(A) Prime Minister

(B) A cabinet consisting only of members of the union cabinet

(C) Council of Ministers of the Union

(D) Parliament

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

Write the names of the following Presidents in chronological order according to which President came first and which later.

(1) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 

(2) Zakir Hussain 

(3) Justice Hidayatullah 

(4) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(A) 3, 2, 1, 2

(B) 2, 3, 1, 4

(C) 2, 1, 3, 4

(D) 2, 3, 4, 1

Correct Answer : B

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