Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries with Answers

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Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries with Answers

Welcome to our engaging quiz series that will test your knowledge of some of the most remarkable inventions and discoveries in human history. From groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs to ingenious everyday creations, this quiz will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of innovation. Whether you're a history buff, a science enthusiast, or simply curious about the ingenuity of human beings, these questions will challenge your understanding of the world-changing moments that have shaped our lives. Get ready to dive into the realms of science, technology, and exploration as we present a series of intriguing questions and provide you with the answers to deepen your understanding.

Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries

Here I am sharing Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries with Answers under the General Knowledge section for those learners who are preparing for upcoming competitive exams. By the study of this article Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries with Answers, users can command Invention GK.

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Quiz Questions on Inventions and Discoveries with Answers

Q :  

Which science is meteorology?

(A) weather

(B) meteors

(C) metals

(D) earthquakes

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :

The study of weather is called meteorology, and a person who studies the weather is called a meteorologist.

Meteorology is a branch of the atmospheric sciences with a major focus on weather forecasting. It also includes atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics.

Q :  

What is the study of medicines and their action called?

(A) Drug manufacturing (science)

(B) Fossil – Zoology

(C) Pharmacology

(D) fossil science

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

It is concerned with the sources, chemical properties, and effects of the drugs.

It is a branch of medicine, biology, and pharmaceutical sciences concerned with drug or medication action, where a drug may be defined as any artificial, natural, or endogenous molecule which exerts a biochemical or physiological effect on the cell, tissue, organ, or organism.

To understand this we need to consider what a drug is, how it affects our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, the type of drug being used, the modes of administration, how the drug is absorbed, and the characteristics of the person taking the drug.

Q :  

By whom was discovered radioactivity?

(A) Rutherford

(B) Henri Becquerel

(C) Roentgen

(D) Einstein

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :
Although it was Henri Becquerel that discovered the phenomenon, it was his doctoral student, Marie Curie, who named it: radioactivity.

Q :  

Which was invented by JB Dunlop?

(A) Pneumatic rubber tire

(B) Car music system

(C) steering wheel

(D) diesel engine

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :
J.B. Dunlop is credited with inventing the pneumatic tyre that was first used in bicycles. The patent for it was granted to him on 7th December, 1888.

Q :  

How is basal pressure measured?

(A) Barometer

(B) Atmometer

(C) Manometer

(D) Sphygmomanometer

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

In a basal blood pressure measuring method, an examinee presses a basal blood pressure measuring key after the examinee gets out of bed in the morning to start a sphygmomanometer to measure the basal blood pressure A microprocessor in the sphygmomanometer displays the measured basal blood pressure and date on a display .

Q :  

Whose scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?

(A) Marie Curie

(B) Isaac Newton

(C) Albert Einstein

(D) Benjamin Franklin

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Write the name, who among the following was the leader of the team that developed the "web browser" called Mosaic?

(A) Mark Anderson

(B) Bob Kahn

(C) Paul Mokapetris

(D) Tim Berners-Lee

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :
After this, in 1994, Marc Andreessen (leader of Mosaic Team) started working on a new web browser, which was released and was named “Netscape Navigator”

Q :  

Who among the following invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989?

(A) Bill Gates

(B) Steve Wozniak

(C) Tim Berners – Lee

(D) Charles Babbage

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :
Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, while working at CERN. The Web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.

Q :  

Who among the following person is associated with the creation of "Pentium Chip"?

(A) Arun Netravalli

(B) Sabeer Bhatia

(C) C. Kumar Patel

(D) Vinod Dham

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

After 386 and 486, Dham was the man behind the launch of processor 586, that is in 1991 he fathered the Pentium chip. In 1995, after spending 16 years in the company, he left Intel. Vinod always had an itch to do something different which brought him greatness, but there is far more he wanted to do.

Q :  

The instrument for measuring the hardness of substances is called

(A) Lucimeter

(B) Seronograph

(C) Durometer

(D) Hygrometer

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

Durometer. Notes: A durometer is an instrument for testing the hardness of various substances. The term is often used to refer to the measurement as well as the instrument itself. Higher numbers indicate harder materials; lower numbers indicate softer materials.

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