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My interview was in board 2 on 6th January at SSC(nr) office.
after document verification my turn came at  3 pm (11:30 batch).
there were 3 members in the board including a lady.
After entering the room they asked me to sign against my name .but i have left my pen outside so i asked the same from them .he said what is the problem,no one is taking pen with him/her.I replied ,sir i was taking it inside but outside they said you dont have to take any thing inside ,that’s why i left it out side….ok ok…
M1—– so you have done engineering in IT from MNIT jaipur ..yes sir…
i have specified in bio data form  about participation in poster competition on international non-violence he asked—
M1—-Gandhi ji was a finest Manager ,the world had seen up to now . do you agree with this and if yes then how??
—-> i  said yes sir ,i am totally agree with this .In our freedom struggle without today’s fast communication mediums,the way he managed the whole movement and the the whole country was behind him …,the way  he connects with every one …are some qualities only a good manager can do. i also said that he lives very simple was also one quality so all people can easily connect to him.
M1—Britishers live all booted shooted.. —-so were they not good managers??
——> Sir…this is true they were making a huge profit for England but in one way they were not good managers……thats why they have to leave from here.
M1—you are IT student…govt is running some program…are you aware??
—–> i expalined about digita India  Program….when i said about reching internet in 2.5 lakh panchyats so he asiked…
M1——-what do you think how many districts and villages in India??….i said nearly 600 and 6 lakh….so only in 2.5 lakh our mission…..I said in on panchyat there are 2-3 villages so this way the whole county will be cover.
M1—-he also asked …how IT can be  used in education…..about AKASH tablet …its price…etc..

L1—who is RBI governor? previous one? how many governors  ..up to now?? —-i said ..sorry ..i dont know the number. then on which notes RBI governors signature??–i said on all except one rupee note….whose on that??—finance secretory ….what is the legal currency tender….i said one rupee —-yes you are right.

M2—-you told about Gandhi ji …so non violence was first used by Gandhi ji or we have it in our culture already??
—–> yes sir we have it from ancient time …from vedic period….he said —no no not from vedic period…i said about  rishi muni ….the i stopped….he explained me we have it from Buddha,Mahavir,Akbar’s sulhe kul niti…..mai ha me ha milta rha…yes sir …yes sir….
M2—->you rightly said Britishers were not good manager…they have to leave…waht was the difference between Mughals and Britishers???
——>Mughals came to India but they settled here…they mixed with the society…yhin ke hokar reh gye…but britishers always think them self superior…established colonial rule….exploiting the every section of the society and doing only things necessary to them…..thats why they have to go …in the last.
…then he also explained me about wealth drainage .
ok …devendra …thank you..
I also Thanked every person and came out of the room.

I didn’t notice the time but nearly 15-20 minutes it was.not a stress interview.but i think you must not argument with those very much experienced and 60 year old people.argument mat karo….unki suno…or ha me han milate rho…All the best for all.
Thank you.

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