Important interview tips for SSC-CGL.. continued

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Once the results of ssc cgl Tier-2 comes out, interviews will begin in less than a months time.

In continuation to the previous article about ssc cgl interview tips, some general points which are to be taken care-of during interview are mentioned here.. Read previous article here.

In SSC you can choose to speak either in Hindi or English, whichever you feel comfortable(marks will not depend on the language spoken).

However these points are relevant in any case.

  • Be neat and clean, dress up properly.
  • After entering greet those present according to time of day.. Good morning! or Good evening!
  • You shouldn’t go forward to shake hands with interviewer unless he extends his own hand first.
  • Sit straight and look up. Don’t look excited or nervous.  Shaking your knees, tapping the floor, clasping your hands together or crossing your arms indicates that you are anxious.
  • You should speak clearly and loudly. Don’t shout or mumble. There is no need to be in hurry. You should be deliberately slow, so that you could be clearly heard and understood.
  • Speak with interest and enthusiasm. You shouldn’t sound monotonous by speaking in an even pinch. Your words should have life.. means raise your voice where emphasis is required.
  • Speak to the interviewer, not to the floor,roof,table or wall. Look into the eyes while you speak.
  • Be attentive. Concentrate when the interviewer speaks to you, listen carefully what he says.
  • If you couldn’t follow a question properly,all you have to say is-“could you please repeat the question?”
  • Also don’t interrupt him while he is speaking. Allow him to complete his question or remark before you give reply.
  • Don’t bluff and shoot lines. Be modest while you describe your achievements.
  • While answering question you should take lead and cover as much ground as possible. Don’t just reply yes or know. Substantiate your view logically with arguments.
  • When you don’t know the answer to a question, be frank and tell him so.
  • Try to give comprehensive answers. For example-Question: Where do you come from?Answer: Jobner.

    Here the answer is incomplete in context of the interview. A better answer is- I come from Jobner, a small town in Jaipur.(These details are not required if you are from a big city)

  • Be positive and optimistic in your outlook.

Once the interview end, get up and thank the interviewer.

Interview normally lasts for 20-30 minutes.


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