Top 100 GK Questions with Answers for SSC Exam

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Top 100 GK Questions with Answers

Here are the selective Top 100 GK Questions with answers for the bank's exam and SSC Exam 2023-24. These 100 GK questions of General Knowledge have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask them again in other competitive exams.           

GK Questions with Answers       

Practice with 100 General Knowledge Questions and Answers for SSC Exams for better results in their exams. Try to solve these 100 GK Questions yourself with the help of answers and check your performance. After solving these questions you can continue your practice with the latest SSC GK questions with answers

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General Knowledge Questions

Q :  

Who has been selected by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for the Lifetime Achievement Award this year?

(A) Saina Nehwal

(B) Carolina Marine

(C) Prakash Padukone

(D) Tawfiq Hidayat

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

Indian badminton legend Prakash Padukone gets BWF Lifetime Achievement Award

  • The Badminton World Federation will honour Badminton star Prakash Padukone with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award this year (BWF).
  • The Indian legend was shortlisted by the BWF Council based on the award commission's suggestion.

Q :  

Sports Authority of India (SAI) appointed Commodore ____ as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS).

(A) PK Mittal

(B) PK Gupta

(C) PK Mishra

(D) PK Garg

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

Sports Authority of India (SAI) appointed Commodore PK Garg as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) in the Mission Olympic Cell meeting.

Q :  

Who among the following has won the Norway Chess Open 2021 masters class?

(A) Kidambi Sundararajan

(B) Jha Shriram

(C) Praveen M Thipsay

(D) D Gukesh

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

India's D Gukesh won the Norway Chess Open 2021 Masters category, his second consecutive tournament this month. Gukesh scored an unbeaten 8.5/10 and secured a full point ahead of the competition to win the tournament. Iniyan finished sole second with 8.5/10 points, half a point ahead of top seeds Dimitrij Kollars (Germany) and Valentin Dragnev (Austria). Read more at:

Q :  

Graham Reid is the chief coach of the Indian men's ______ team as of August 2020.

(A) basketball

(B) cricket

(C) hockey

(D) football

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :

He guided India to the bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Graham Reid, the head coach of the Indian men's hockey team, played a pivotal role in achieving one of the best campaigns for India at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Q :  

The BCCI announced ______ as the Title Sponsor of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in August 2020.

(A) Vivo


(C) Dream11

(D) Byju's

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

The IPL Governing Council has announced Dream11 as the new Title Sponsor of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League.

Q :  

Who gave the principle of uncertainty?

(A) Sbate Arrhenius

(B) Peter Dibay

(C) Werner Heisenberg

(D) Joseph Proust

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

The uncertainty principle was propounded by Heisenberg, while the theory of relativity was propounded by Einstein, the periodic table is related to Rutherford.

Q :  

Who presented the atomic law of matter on a scientific basis for the first time?

(A) Bore

(B) Max Born

(C) Rutherford

(D) John Dalton

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

In 1808, a British school teacher named John Dalton presented the atomic theory of matter on a scientific basis for the first time. His theory, called 'Dalton's atomic theory', considered the atom as the fundamental particle of matter (unit - 1).

Q :  

Wolfgang Pauli was a resident of which country?

(A) Austria

(B) England

(C) Sweden

(D) Spain

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

Wolfgang Pauli (born April 25, 1900, Vienna, Austria – died December 15, 1958, Zurich, Switz.) was an Austrian-born physicist and recipient of the 1945 Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery in 1925.

Q :  

What is the meaning of the word Aufbau?

(A) To be constructed

(B) To enter

(C) Join

(D) Break

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

'Aufbau' is a German word which means 'to add one by one'. According to this theory, the entry of electrons in a shell and sub-orbital occurs one by one in the order of increasing energy of the energy levels.

Q :  

What are Sambhrans?

(A) Dual behavior of matter

(B) Planck's constant

(C) Orbitals with the same energy.

(D) Work function

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

Electron orbitals having same energy levels are called degenerate orbitals. If two or more orbitals of similar energy are available, electrons will be filled singly before filling them in pairs.

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