Top 100 GK Questions with Answers in English

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NEW Top 100 GK Questions in English

Almost all competitive exams include General Knowledge (GK) subject, under which questions related to Economic GK, Geography GK, History GK, Politics GK, Science GK, Sports GK etc are asked in the examinations, which all students should practice regularly. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then these gk questions will help you a lot. 

Here in this blog, I have provided important  Top 100 GK (General Knowledge)  Questions which are frequently asked in most of the exams. So, if you prepare these Gk questions in english continuously, you can easily score good marks in government exams.

Practice with top 100 gk questions in hindi

Important General Knowledge Questions

Q.1 The largest gulf in the world is

(A) Gulf of Mexico

(B) Persian Gulf

(C) Gulf of Carpentaria

(D) Gulf of Mannar

Ans .  A

Q.2 The hunting and gathering economy can support only

(A) 1 person per sq. km

(B) 3 persons per sq. km

(C) 5 persons per sq. km

(D) 7 persons per sq. km

Ans .  A

Q.3 The import of crude oil and petroleum done from national oil companies of producer countries, which have a net exportable surplus of oil is by

(A) term contracts

(B) term tenders

(C) monthly tenders

(D) All the above

Ans .  A

Q.4 The land-sea distribution or the positions of the world's continents and major oceans influences

(A) the major pressure belts that develop from the general circulation of the atmosphere

(B) the development of the mid-latitude cyclonic depressions, at the convergence zone between polar and subtropical air masses

(C) both (a) and (b)

(D) None of the above

Ans .  C

Q.5 The knowledge about the topography of the ocean basins has been derived from

(A) seismic surveying

(B) echo sounder

(C) side-scan sonar

(D) All of the above

Ans .  D

Q.6 The headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), formed out of erstwhile USSR, is at

(A) Minsk in Byelorussia

(B) Moscow in Russia

(C) Kiev in Ukraine

(D) Kistiner in Moldavia

Ans .  A

Q.7 The ionosphere contains ionized air that protects the earth from

(A) the ultraviolet rays of the sun

(B) the infrared rays of the sun

(C)  the falling meteorites

(D) None of the above

Ans .  C

Q.8 The horizontal of soil profile is composed of

(A) weathered parent material that is not affected by translocation and organic modification

(B) material affected by translocation & organic modification

(C)unweathered bedrock

(D) None of the above

Ans .  A

Q.9 The largest city in Latin America is

(A) Mexico city

(B) Caracas

(C) Rio-de-Janeiro

(D) Buenos Aires

Ans .  A

Q.10 The highest and lowest values of a weather element observed over the entire period of record are

(A) extremes

(B) average extremes

(C) absolute extremes

(D) relative extremes

Ans .  C

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