World History GK Questions and answers for Competitive Exams

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World History GK Questions

Here are the selective and important World History Questions and answers for all competitive exams. Practice with these world history GK and General Knowledge questions with answers. These world history GK questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask them again in competitive exams. So these world history questions are for your practice. 

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World History GK

Q :  

During whose reign most Mongol invasions took place?

(A) Balban

(B) Alauddin Khalji

(C) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

(D) Firoz Tughlaq

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :

1. During the reign of Alauddin Khilji, Mongols attacked Delhi the most number of times.

2. First in the year 1299 and then in 1302-03. Alauddin Khilji built a new garrison town called Siri for his troops.

3. The administrative measures of Muhammad Tughlaq failed.

Q :  

‘Anand Temple’ of the Pegan Dynasty is located in

(A) Pakistan

(B) India

(C) Myanmar

(D) China

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

The famous painting "Last Supper" was the creation of -

(A) Leonardo-da-Vinci

(B) Pablo Picasso

(C) Claude Monet

(D) Michelangelo

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

1. The "Last Supper" was painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1494 and 1498 in the city of Milan, Italy, depicting the last "supper" between Jesus and his followers.

2. This is a fresco and is approximately 15 feet x 29 feet in size.

  3. The painting still hangs on the wall of the Convent of Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

Q :  

In which year did the Partition of Bengal take place?

(A) 1910

(B) 1902

(C) 1903

(D) 1905

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

The Partition of Bengal occurred in 1905 when the British colonial administration decided to divide the province of Bengal in British India. The primary stated reason was administrative efficiency, but it had significant political implications. The partition led to widespread protests and opposition from various communities, particularly due to concerns about communal tensions and political motivations. In response to the widespread protests, the British government annulled the partition in 1911 and reorganized Bengal. The event had lasting effects on the political consciousness of the region and contributed to the development of political movements in India.

Q :  

India became a member of the United Nations in_____.

(A) 1963

(B) 1960

(C) 1951

(D) 1945

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

India became a member of the United Nations (UN) on October 30, 1945, shortly after gaining independence from British rule. As one of the founding members of the UN, India has been actively involved in international diplomacy and has contributed to various UN initiatives and peacekeeping missions over the years.

Q :  

Which organization publishes ‘World Development Report’?  

(A) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

(B) World Economic Forum

(C) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(D) World Bank

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

The "World Development Report" is an annual publication by the World Bank. It provides in-depth analysis and insights into key development issues facing the world. Each report focuses on a specific theme, addressing economic, social, and environmental challenges. The aim is to offer policymakers, researchers, and development practitioners valuable information and perspectives to inform decision-making and promote sustainable development globally.

Q :  

Under whose leadership did America achieve independence in 1776 AD?

(A) Abraham Lincoln

(B) Jeorge W. Bush

(C) Jeorge Washington

(D) None of these

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

America achieved independence in 1776 under the leadership of (C) George Washington. Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush were Presidents of the United States in later periods, and they were not involved in the events leading to the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Q :  

When did the war of Americans Independence take place?

(A) 1770

(B) 1772

(C) 1774

(D) 1776

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :
The War of American Independence, also known as the American Revolutionary War, took place between 1775 and 1783. Therefore, the correct option is not listed among the provided choices. If we consider the closest option, (D) 1776, it is a significant year within the timeframe of the war as the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776. The war itself had already begun in 1775.

Q :  

What is the full form of ISI Pakistan?

(A) Inter Services Intelligence

(B) Inter Solution Intelligence

(C) Inter Surgical Improvement

(D) International Survey

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, responsible for providing critical national security and intelligence assessments to the government. It was established in 1948 and operates under the jurisdiction of the Pakistan Ministry of Defence. The ISI is primarily focused on safeguarding Pakistan's interests, both domestically and internationally, and plays a crucial role in counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and strategic intelligence.

Q :  

World Trade Organization came into existence in……

(A) 1992

(B) 1993

(C) 1994

(D) 1995

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

The World Trade Organization (WTO) officially came into existence on January 1, 1995. It replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and was established to facilitate international trade negotiations, resolve trade disputes, and provide a framework for the conduct of international trade. The WTO aims to promote free and fair trade among its member countries by establishing rules and agreements that govern global commerce. It serves as a forum for member nations to negotiate trade agreements and address issues related to trade policies and practices.

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