World History GK Questions and answers for Competitive Exams

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World History GK Questions

Here are the selective and important World History Questions and answers for all competitive exams. Practice with these world history GK and General Knowledge questions with answers.

These world history GK questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in competitive exams. So these world history questions are for your practice. This blog is also related to Basic GK Questions and Answers. As well as you can more practice by visit on History GK Questions and Answers.

World History General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q.1 Rivers Tigris and Euphrates are associated with?

(A) Mesopotamian Civilization

(B) Egyptian Civilization

(C) Harappan Civilization

(D) Chinese Civilization

Ans .  A

Basic General GK Questions Part: D

Q.2 Which is considered as the oldest civilization of the world?

(A)Mesopotamian Civilization

(B)Egyptian Civilization

(C)Harappan Civilization

(D)Chinese Civilization

Ans .  A

Q.3 Which among following is called "Gift of the Nile”?





Ans .  D


Q.4 Who is considered as the master of Greek comedy?





Ans .  C


Q.5 When ancient Olympic games first held?

(A)776 BC

(B)780 BC

(C)790 BC

(D)800 BC

Ans .  A


Q.6 Who is known as the father of Modern Medicine?





Ans .  C


Q.7 Who is known as the father of Modern Medicine?





Ans .  C


Q.8 Which was not a Roman Philosopher?





Ans .  D


Q.9 Who was among the famous Roman poets?





Ans .  C


Q.10 Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler, traveled from Venice to China and Japan in:

(A)1285 - 90

(B)1288 - 93

(C)1290 - 96

(D)1295 - 1301

Ans .  B

Important GK Questions


Q.11 In which year Bartholomew Diaz reached Cape of Good Hope?





Ans .  B


Q.12 Vasco da Gama reached in India in the year?





Ans .  D

Basic General GK Questions Part: C


Q.13 Who was the first to sail around the world?

(A)Francis Drake



(D)Vasco da Gama

Ans .  C


Q.14 America was discovered in?





Ans .  B


Q.15 Brazil was discovered in?





Ans .  A


Q.16 Who discovered the North Pole?

(A)Captain James



(D)Robert Peary

Ans .  D


Q.17 Magna Carta or The Great Charter was signed in





Ans .  B


Q.18 Habeas Corpus Act was passed in?





Ans .  A


Q.19 "Boston Tea Party" incident happened in?





Ans .  D


Q.20 In which year American Revolution started?





Ans .  B

Very Important GK Questions


Q.21 In which year American Independence was acknowledged by England?





Ans .  B


Q.22 French Revolution was started in the Year?





Ans .  D

General Knowledge Questions Part: 5


Q.23 Young Italy movement by led by two revolutionaries, one was "Mazzini" and Other was?





Ans .  A


Q.24 Rome was liberated by the Italian soldiers in the year?





Ans .  B


Q.25 When did World War 2 start?





Ans .  C


Q.26 When was Bulkan War II fought?





Ans .  B


Q.27 Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron?



(C)Ho Chi Minh

(D)Sir Walter Scott

Ans .  B


Q.28 In which year Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany?





Ans .  B


Q.29 Who was the author of the "American Declaration of Independence”?



(C)George Washington

(D)Thomas Paine

Ans .  A


Q.30 The Renaissance scientist who explained how planets moved around the sun was?



(C)Francis Bacoor


Ans .  A

Selective GK Questions


Q.31 Russian revolutionary, who founded the Communist Party was

(A)Karl Marx




Ans .  C


Q.32 Who is also known as the founder of scientific socialism?

(A)Karl Marx




Ans .  A

List of Inventions and Inventors


Q.33 Who said that " Man is a political animal”?


(B)Karl Marx



Ans .  A


Q.34 In which country Aztec civilization was originated?





Ans .  C


Q.35 Who was the Emperor of Russia during Russia revolution?

(A)Nicholas I

(B)Nicholas II

(C)Alexander I

(D)Alexander II

Ans .  B


Q.36 What is the name first Roman Emperor?





Ans .  B


Q.37 Who is known as "Father of History”?

(A)Mark Antony




Ans .  C


Q.38 What is the name of the autobiography of Adolf Hitler?

(A)First Attack

(B)Mein Kompf

(C)My Spirit

(D)Ray of Hope

Ans .  B


Q.39 Who was the last Emperor of Rome?



(C)Romulus August ulus


Ans .  C


Q.40 The Parliament of Great Britain was formed in the year?





Ans .  C

Here is the selective and important World History GK Question with answers on General Knowledge for all types of competitive exams. These world history GK questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in competitive exams. So these world history GK questions are for your practice. 

World History GK Questions

Question 41: In which year, Alexander the Great become the king of Macedonia
1.336 BC
2.323 BC
3.350 BC
4.200 BC 

Ans .  1

Question 42: The European renaissance started from which country

Ans .  3

Question 43: The Battle of Waterloo was fought in the year

Ans .  4

Question 44: On which island of French, Napoleon was born
1.Saint Helena

Ans .  2

Question 45: In which year America got independence

Ans .  2

Question 46: Who is known as the Artist of the world-famous painting 'Mona Lisa'
1.Filippo Brunelleschi
3.Vincent van Gogh
4.Leonardo da Vinci

Ans .  4

Question 47: Who was the king during the French revolution
2.Louis XV
3.Louis XVI
4.Charles IX

Ans .  3

Question 48: The Hundred Years' War (from 1337 to 1453) was fought between
1.England and French
2.Germany and Russia
3.America and Argentina
4.England and Germany

Ans .  1

Question 49: Queen Elizabeth I of England belongs to which dynasty

Ans .  3

Question 50: 'Boston Tea Party' protest was associated with the revolution of

Ans .  1

Question 51: Which king of England was forced to signed the 'Magna Carta'
1.King Richard I
2.King Louis
3.Henry III
4.King John

Ans .  4

Question 52: When the first Ancient Geek Olympic Game was begun
1.776 BC
2.552 BC
3.800 BC
4.235 BC

Ans .  1

Question 53: Who was the author of United States Declaration of Independence
1.Thomas Jefferson
2.George Washington
3.Abraham Lincoln
4.Benjamin Franklin

Ans .  1

Question 54: Napoleon was exiled to the Saint Helena after the defeat in the war of

Ans .  2

Question 55: Who was the President of America during American Civil War
1.Abraham Lincoln
2.Andrew Jackson
3.George Washington
4.James Madison

Ans .  1

Question 56: Industrial Revolution was started from which country

Ans .  4

Question 57: When did Julius Caesar first invaded Britain

Ans .  3

Question 58: Which Mountain's volcano buried Pompeii city with ash in 79 AD
1.Mount Pele
2.Mount Tambura
3.Mount Etna
4.Mount Vesuvius

Ans .  4

Question 59: Which city was recaptured at the end of the first war of Crusade

Ans .  3

Question 60: First war of Crusade was ended in the year

Ans .  1

These World History GK Questions are very important and generally asked in competitive exams. I am providing 60 World History GK Questions with Answers for your best practice. World History. Important World History GK Questions. World History GK Questions for Competitive Exams.

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