History GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

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History GK Questions and Answers

Friends, the history of India, which believed to be several thousand years old, is seen as different languages, cultures, civilizations, periods, and dynasties. India is one of the world's first urban civilization. So, to get success in almost all competitive examinations, conducted throughout the country, students must have knowledge of Indian history.

Today I am providing History GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams. You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of History GK Questions for Competitive Exams. This post of History GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams is very important also related to General Knowledge Questions and Answers. and Modern History GK Questions.

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History GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

1. Arabs were defeated in 738 A.D. by….

(A) Pratiharas 

(B) Rashtrakutas 

(C) Palas 

(D) Chalukyas 

Ans .D

2. Harshvardhan was defeated by….

(A) Prabhakaravardhana 

(B) Pulakesin II

(C) Narasimha Varma Pallavas 

(D) Sasanka 

Ans .B

3. Beetapala and Dhiman, the two great artists that India had produced, belonged to the……

(A) Pala Age

(B) Gupta Age

(C) Mauryas Age

(D) Rathan Age

Ans .A

4. Chalukyas king Pulakesin II was defeated by….

(A) Mahendra Varman 1

(B) Narasimha Varman 1

(C) Parameswara Varman 1

(D) Jatila Parantaka 

Ans .B

5. The most distinguished ruler of the Chalukyas dynasty was…..

(A) Jayasimha II

(B) Vikarmaditya VI

(C) Somesvara II

(D) Pulakesin II

Ans .D

6. Which ruler founded the famous Vikramshila University for the Buddhists?

(A) Mahi Pala

(B) Devapala

(C) Gopala

(D) Dharmapala

Ans .D

7.Who among the following were the first to invade India?


(B) Mongols

(C) Arabs

(D) Turks

Ans .C

8. Which rulers built the Ellora temples?

(A) Chalukyas

(B) Sunga

(C) Rashtrakutas

(D) Pallavas

Ans .C

9. The famous rock-cut temple of Kailasa is at ……

(A) Ajanta

(B) Badami

(C) Mahabalipuram

(D) Ellora

Ans .D

10. The Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built during the reign of the…….

(A) Palas

(B) Cholas

(C) Rashtrakutas

(D) Pallavas

Ans .D

Indian History

11. Which Rashtrakutas ruler built the famous Kailash temple of Siva at Ellora?

(A) Dantidurga

(B) Amoghvarsha 1

(C) Krishan 1

(D) Vats raj

Ans .C

12. The Rashtrakutas kingdom was founded by……

(A) Dandi Durga

(B) Amoghvarsha

(C) Govinda III

(D) Indra III

Ans .A

13. The paintings in the Ajanta and Ellora caves are indicative of development of art under the……

(A) Rashtrakutas

(B) Pallavas

(C) Pandya’s 

(D) Chalukyas

Ans .A

14. The famous Kailas temple cut out of the solid rock at Ellora was built under the patronage of the….

(A) Cholas

(B) Kadambas

(C) Pallavas

(D) Rashtrakutas

Ans .D

15. Who established Mahabalipuram?

(A) Pallavas

(B) Pandya

(C) Chola

(D) Chalukyas

Ans .A

16. Name the capital of the Pallavas?

(A) Kanchi

(B) Vatapi

(C) Trichinopoly

(D) Mahabalipuram

Ans .A

17. The Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram are a witness to the art patronized by the….

(A) Pallavas 

(B) Pandya’s

(C) Cholas

(D) Chera

Ans .A

18.Rath temple at Mahabalipuram was built in the reign of which Pallav ruler?

(A) Mahendra Varman 1

(B) Narasimha Varman 1

(C) Parmeshwar 1

(D) Nandi Varman 1

Ans .B

19. The first Indian ruler, who established the supremacy of Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea was….

(A) Raja raja 1

(B) Rajendra 1

(C) Rajadhiraja 1

(D) Kulottunga 1

Ans .A

20. Where is Brihadeshwara Temple situated?

(A) Kanchi

(B) Madurai

(C) Shri Shailan

(D) Tanjore

Ans .D

GK History

21. Prince Ellora conquered Sri Lanka in the second century BC. With Which of the following dynasties of Dravidic ruler was be associated.

(A) Chera

(B) Chola

(C) Pandya

(D) Pallavas

Ans .B

22. Which Chola king founded the city of Puhar/

(A) Rajendra Chola

(B) Ellora

(C) Senguttavan

(D) Karikala

Ans .D

23. Which of the following dynasties conquered Sri Lanka and South-East Asian countries?

(A) The Pandya’s

(B0 The Chalukyas

(C) The Cholas

(D)_ The Rashtrakutas

Ans .C

24. Who built Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjore?

(A) Aditya Cholla

(B) Raja Raja Cholas

(C) Rajendra Cholas

(D) Kareikala Chola

Ans .B

25. Which of the following was the capital of the Chola Kings?

(A) Kanchi

(B) Tanjore

(C) Madurai

(D) Tiruchirappalli

Ans .B

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