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Mensuration topic is an important topic in the aptitude section. Students can start their practice from mensuration questions and answers who are preparing for competitive exams. You can get the important questions related to this topic which will help you to increase your score in the competitive exams.

2 months ago 22.6K Views

Every student wants to get the latest and important questions which asked frequently in the competitive exams. So, here I am sharing top 100 aptitude questions and answers for those students who are finding important or top questions for the better preparation of the aptitude section.

2 months ago 30.7K Views

We study business partners and their deals in partnership. The business started by two or more people is often controlled by an agreement or a contract. These business contracts are called a partnership. In this blog, I am providing answers related to partnership questions for bank exams which are necessary for your exams.

Last year 6.7K Views

Here I am sharing the selected average questions for bank exams and other related competitive exams. Here the average means that dividing by the sum of the number of amounts in the result obtained by adding together the data of several quantities together is called the average.

7 months ago 10.6K Views

Are you facing problem while solving square root equations in division method? Don't worry! here you will know easily in this blog how to calculate square root by division method. Here are given different square root equations with its solutions from which you can know how to solve these type of questions.

Last year 3.3K Views

Data interpretation is an essential part of quantitative aptitude. Basically, data interpretation is a combination topic of the bar graph, line graph, tabulation and pie chart questions. But here I am sharing you, data interpretation questions with solutions related to bar graph and tabulation.

Last year 4.0K Views

Train problems are not difficult to solve in the examination. A student just have to understand the equation first to solve question because mostly speed related questions are asked mostly n this topic. So, here you can understand how to solve train problems easily with given solutions in these equations.

Last year 7.4K Views

Surds and indices is a popular topic, which is often asked in the examinations. Some students have to face problems while solving these questions. If given the questions along with the answers, their solutions also are given, with the help of which you can easily understand these questions.

6 months ago 7.9K Views

If you practice this topic from the formulas, then you can easily solve the questions in this topic. Here are some questions in the blog that have been solved with the help of formula. Therefore you should practice chain rule questions with chain rule formula for better results in banking and SSC exams.

Last year 4.0K Views

Although this topic may be a bit daunting, if you pay attention to distance, time and speed formula, then you can solve the answer to this topic easily.

Last year 4.1K Views

Students, who are preparing for banking and other similar exams, should be never left or ignore this topic for a better score in the competitive exam.So, here I am sharing important simplification problems with solutions from which you can increase your ability level by learning how to solve these type of questions.

Last year 3.1K Views

Pipes and Cisterns Problems are part of the aptitude section. In these problems, students have to find the correct answers according to the situation or statement. Pipes and Cisterns problems are not difficult to solve, you just need to understand the problem to solve it.

Last year 1.4K Views

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