Indian Parliament related General Knowledge questions and answers series #39

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indian parliament

These questions are useful for any competitive exam like IAS, Bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state-related exams.

Indian Parliament related General Knowledge questions and answers

31. The Constitution names our country as  

A.  Bharat
B.  India, that is Bharat
C.  Hindustan
D.  Aryavarta

Answer : B.  India, that is Bharat

32. Which of the following is not apart of the Preamble to the Indian Constitution?  

A. Secularism
B. Socialism
C. Democratic Republic
D. Federalism

Answer : D. Federalism

33. The source of India’s Sovereignty lies in the  

A.  President
B.  Prime Minister
C.  People of India
D.  Preamble to the constitution

Answer : D.  Preamble to the constitution

34. India opted for a federal form of government because of  

A.  vast territory
B.  cultural integration
C.  linguistic and regional diversity
D.  administrative conveniece

Answer : C.  linguistic and regional diversity

35. In the Rajya Sabha, the President can appoint how many representatives  

A.  6
B.  8
C.  10
D.  12

Answer : D.  12

36. Indian Constitution was Inaugurated on  

A.  Jan 26,1947
B.  Jan 26,1949
C.  Jan 27,1949
D.  Jan 26,1950

Answer : D.  Jan 26,1950

37. Salaries of the judgesn of the Supreme court are drawn from the  

A. Consolidated fund
B. Grants-in-aid
C. Constingency fund
D. Public Accounts

Answer : A. Consolidated fund

38. Who is the chairman of Rajya Sabha?  

A.  President
B.  Vice-President
C.  minister of Parliamentary
D.  Leader of Opposition

Answer : B.  Vice-President

39. Which of the following states has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats  

A.  Orissa
B.  Bihar
C.  Uttar Pradesh
D.  Madhya Pradesh

Answer : C.  Uttar Pradesh

40. At present the rajya sabha consists of _____ members  

A.  250
B.  245
C.  238
D.  240

Answer : B.  245

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