Science GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam

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Science GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam

Science Questions and Answers for SSC Exams for better results. Take GK General Science Questions and Answers related to gases and natural science and increase your knowledge instantly. The GK Science Questions will give you a fair idea about in which section you need to focus more on the upcoming examinations. The provided Science GK Questions had already been asked in different competitive exams.    

In this section, I am providing Science Questions related to gases and natural science, by visit here, you can read General Science Questions for your better performance in competitive exams. 

Science GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exams 

Q.1 Carbon dioxide is called a greenhouse gas because

(A) Its concentration remains always higher than other gases

(B) It is used in photosynthesis

(C) It absorbs infrared radiation

(D) It emits visible radiation

Ans .  C

Q.2 What is the major role of a greenhouse gas that contributes to temperature rise of the earth’s surface?

(A)Transparent to both incoming sunlight and outgoing infrared radiation

(B) Stops both incoming sunlight and outgoing infrared radiation

(C) Lets outgoing infrared radiation pass through but stops incoming sunlight

(D) Lets incoming sunlight pass through but stops outgoing infrared radiation

Ans .  B

Q.3 Consider the following statements:

(1) Ozone is mostly found in the stratosphere.

(2) Ozone layer lies 55-75 km above the surface of the Earth.

(3) Ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.

(4) Ozone layer has no significance for life on the Earth.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

(A)1 and 2

(B) 1 and 3

(C) 2 and 3

(D) 3 and 4

Ans .  B

Q.4 Which among the following nontoxic gases helps in formation of enzymes which ripen fruit?

(A) Acetylene

(B) Ethane

(C) Methane

(D) Carbon dioxide

Ans .  B

5. Which one among the following is strong smelling agent added to LPG cylinder to help in the detection of gas leakage?

(A) Ethanol

(B) Thioethanolamine

(C) Methane

(D) Chloroform

Ans .  B

Q.6 Which of the following statements regarding ozone layer within the atmosphere is/are correct?

  1. It absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation found in the Sun's rays.
  2. Chlorofluorocarbons are serious threat to the ozone layer.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(A)1 only

(B) 2 only

(C) Both 1 and 2

(D) Neither 1 nor 2

Ans .  B

Q.7 The major component in LPG is

(A) Methane

(B) butane

(C) ethane

(D) propane

Ans .  B

Q.8 The vertical movement of air is termed as

(A) wind

(B) Air Current

(C) Air turbulence

(D) Air mobility

Ans .  B

Q.9 Which of the following is not a method of preparing oxygen?

(A) Electrolysis of water

(B) Fractional distillation of liquid air

(C) Decomposition of potassium permanganate

(D) Decomposition of manganese dioxide

Ans .  B

Q.10 Oxygen and ozone are

(A) allotropes

(B) isomers

(C) isotopes

(D) isobars

Ans .  A

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Science Questions and Answers for SSC Exams, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for General Science Questions, Visit next page.

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