World GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam

World GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam

Do you want to induce full marks within the GK subject? So, you must know that it's also necessary to understand World GK Questions and Answers under the General Knowledge section within the competitive exam. World GK Questions and Answers usually include the world's largest archipelago, the world's most populous city, the world's first university, world day, the world's oldest religion, etc. If you would like to maximum practice World GK Questions and Answers, then this blog is simply for you.

World GK Questions

Here, we are providing you with Important World GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam, whose daily study can facilitate you see a rise in your intellectual ability. Other than this, World GK Questions and Answers given during this blog will provide you with the strength to crack CBT tests of UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway exam, Defense exam, or other exams.

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World GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam

  Q :  

Which of the following forests are often called the "Lungs of the Planet"?

(A) Tundra forest

(B) Taiga forest

(C) Monsoon forest

(D) Amazon rain forests

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

1. Amazon rain forests have also been called the lungs of planet Earth.

2. These rain forests of South America are the largest and have the highest diversity of tropical rain forests on our planet.

3. They provide 20% of the total oxygen of our planet.

Q :  

World Oceans Day celebrates globally on?

(A) June 5th

(B) June 7th

(C) June 8th

(D) June 8th

(E) June 6th

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Headquarters of (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization is located in which of the following country?

(A) US

(B) Austria

(C) Switzerland

(D) Italy

(E) Germany

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

World famous "Old Faithful Geyser" is located in- 

(A) New Zealand

(B) Iceland

(C) United States of America

(D) Japan

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Where is the headquarter of International Maritime Organization located?

(A) London

(B) Geneva

(C) Paris

(D) Rome

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Direct Democracy is present in which of the following countries? 

(A) Switzerland

(B) Nepal

(C) America

(D) India

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Which is called City of Golden Gate?

(A) Johannesburg

(B) New York

(C) San Francisco

(D) London

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

Vienna is the capital and largest city of-

(A) Canada

(B) Australia

(C) Yemen

(D) Yemen

(E) Austria

Correct Answer : E

Q :  

What is the currency of Bhutan ? 

(A) Ngultrum

(B) Lev

(C) Kuna

(D) Peso

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Which country has the longest bullet train network in the world?

(A) Russia


(C) Japan

(D) China

Correct Answer : D

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