Zoology GK Questions for Competitive Exam

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Here are the selective and important Zoology GK Questions for all types of competitive exams. These Zoology GK questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in competitive exams. So, these Zoology GK questions are for your practice.  

This post of Zoology GK questions is related to Selective and Latest Biology GK Questions and General Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams.

Zoology GK questions for competitive exams

Q.1 When we eat something we like, our mouth waters. This is actually not water but fluid secreted from

(A) nasal glands

(B) oval epithelium

(C) salivary glands

(D) tongue

Ans .   C

Q.2 Which of the following is known as the voice box?

(A) trachea

(B) pharynx

(C) epiglottis

(D) larynx

Ans .   D

Q.3 Which one among the following will be absorbed fastest through the wall of the digestive system?

(A) Black coffee as a hot beverage

(B) DDT took as a poison

(C) Raw alcohol is taken as a drink

(D) Ice cream as a desert

Ans .   C

Q.4 It has been observed the astronauts lose a substantial quantity of calcium through urine during space flight. This is due to


(B) microgravity

(C) intake of dehydrated food tablet

(D) the low temperature in cosmos

Ans .   B

Q.5 Cutting and peeling of onion bring tears to the eyes because of the presence of

(A) sulfur in the cell

(B) carbon in the cell

(C) fat in the cell

(D) amino acid in the cell

Ans .   A

Q.6 The contractile proteins in a muscle are

(A) Actin and Myosin

(B) Actin and Tropomyosin

(C) Myosin and Troponin

(D) Troponin and Tropomyosin

Ans .   A

Q.7 Which of the following is not an enzyme?

(A) Amylase

(B) Pepsin

(C) Somatotropin

(D) Trypsin

Ans .   C

Q.8 Which one of the following is not a part of the small intestine?

(A) Caecum

(B) Duodenum

(C) Jejunum

(D) Ileum

Ans .   A

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Zoology GK Questions for Competitive Exam, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for Zoology GK, Visit next page. 

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