Analogy Definition - Analogy Examples with Answers and Types of Analogies

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types of analogies and examples with answers

What is Analogy?

‘Analogy’ means ‘correspondence’.

Analogy tests are, therefore, meant to test a candidate's overall knowledge, power of reasoning and ability to think concisely and accurately.

About Analogy:

Question-based on ‘Analogy’ are given in two groups. In the first group, two words letters/numbers/symbols are given having a common relationship between them and another group having a word/letter/number and symbol and a question mark. 

Candidates are required to determine the relation between first group and substitute the question mark of the second group from the given alternative, which has same relationship as group has.

In these questions, a particular relationship is given and another similar relationship has to be identified from the given alternatives. 

Examples of Analogy 

Ex.1. India: Delhi 

Delhi is the capital of India.

Ex.2. India: Rupee

Rupee is the currency of India.  

Types of Analogies:

1. Semantic Analogy 

2. Symbolic/ Number Analogy 

3. Figural Analogy

1. Semantic Analogy

It is the process of reasoning determining words having similar feature and common relationship.

The main aim of semantic analogy is to test the candidate’s ability to consider the relationship between the question pair and then find the required pair of words that is most similar to that relationship 

Important Facts 

* Logical relations between the surroundings. Nations/States capitals, work and their results, word and synonyms/antonyms, games, animals, individual class worker and their equipments may play vital role.

* Intellectual approach while considering the relation between the pair of words.

Ex.1. Moon : Satellite : : Earth : ?

(A) Sun

(B) Planet

(C) Solar system

(D) Round

Answer : B


As, ‘Moon’ is a ‘Satellite’. Similarly, ‘Earth’ is a ‘Planet’.

Ex.2. Chisel: Sculptor : : Harrow : ?

(A) Gardener 

(B) Mason

(C) Blacksmith

(D) Guard

Answer : A


As, ‘Sculptor’ made idol with helpful of ‘Chisel’. Similarly, ‘Gardener’ plough garden with help of ‘Harrow’.

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