Physics General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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Physics General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Nowadays, many questions are asked relating to Physics Science GK in various competitive exams. In Physical Science we study nature, force and the laws of motion, work and energy, heat and heat, light, etc., so knowledge of physics is very necessary for our general knowledge as well as for our examinations. Here we have given below questions and answers related to Physics Science, these questions are often asked in examinations.

Here, I am providing the Physics, General Knowledge Questions and Answers for learners who are preparing for competitive exams. In this post, I have updated the most important questions, answers around the Daily GK with the latest General Science Questions about many topics covered. 

Students can easily get free general knowledge questions on this platform for online exam practice  to obtain good marks in the competitive exams. Current Affairs Mock Test and Monthly Current Affair.

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Q :  

What type of current is obtained from dynamo?

(A) Direct Section

(B) alternating current

(C) both streams

(D) None of these

Correct Answer : A

Q :  

Which are the two important parts of human beings in which magnetic field must be generated?

(A) arms and legs

(B) muscles and heart

(C) Heart and brain

(D) Eye and visual nerve

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

Two main organs in the human body where the magnetic field produced is significant, are the heart and the brain. The magnetic field inside the body forms the basis of obtaining the images of different body parts.

Q :  

Who discovered electromagnetic induction?

(A) Maxwell

(B) Fleming

(C) Faraday

(D) Ampere

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

What type of reflection is made on the cinema screen?

(A) virtual image

(B) real reflection

(C) both

(D) All the statements are true

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

What is the kilowatt hour unit?

(A) charge power

(B) Energy

(C) Potential power

(D) power

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

What does pupil come in bright light?

(A) big

(B) small

(C) No change

(D) None of these

Correct Answer : B

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