General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

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Here is the selective and important GK question with answers for all types of competitive exams. These question has been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in competitive exams. So these questions are for your practice. 

General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

Q.1 Who was the person behind the ‘Kuka movement’?

(A) Kunwar Singh

(B) V.B. Phadke

(C) Guru Ram Singh

(D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Ans .  C

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Q.2 In the 552 --- strong Lok Sabha, how many members are there from the Union Territories? 

(A) 10

(B) 20

(C) 30

(D) 40

Ans .  B

Q.3 Which of the following personalities gave ‘The Laws of Heredity’?

(A) Robert Hook

(B) G.J. Mendel

(C) Charles Darwin

(D) William Harvey

Ans .  B

Q.4 Name the person who was also known as Deshbandhu.

(A) S. Radhakrishnan

(B) G.K. Gokhale

(C) Chittaranjan Das

(D) Madan Mohan Malviya

Ans .  C

Q.5 Which of the following is NOT the language enshrined in the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution, as the language of the state?

(A) Nepali

(B) Kashmiri

(C) English

(D) Konkani

Ans .  C

Q.6 The capital of Uttarakhand is….

(A) Masoorie

(B) Dehra Dun

(C) Nainital

(D) None of these

Ans .  B

Q.7 Geet Govind is a famous creation of ……

(A) Bana Bhatt

(B) Kalidas

(C) Jayadev

(D) Bharat Muni

Ans .  C

Q.8 Which of the following represents the Finance Commissions that have been set-up so far?

(A) 10

(B) 11

(C 12

(D) 13

Ans .  D

Q.9 World Trade Organization came into existence in……

(A) 1992

(B) 1993

(C) 1994

(D) 1995

Ans .  D

Q.10 According to the Constitution of India, which of the following is NOT one of the main organs of the Government?

(A) Legislature

(B) Bureaucracy

(C) Executive

(D) Judiciary

Ans .  B

General Knowledge Question and Answers

General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

Q.11 In which year did the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?

(A) 1942

(B) 1943

(C) 1945

(D) 1946

Ans .  D

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Q.12 Panchayati Raj comes under….

(A) Residual list

(B) Concurrent list

(C) State list

(D) Union list

Ans .  C

Q.13 Which of the amendments of the following constitution was responsible for deleting the right to property from the list of fundamentals rights?

(A) 43rd amendment

(B) 44th amendment

(C) 48th amendment

(D) 52nd amendment

Ans .  B

Q.14 Harshcharita and KadamBari are the works of…..

(A) Kalhan

(B) Panini

(C) Bana Bhatta

(D) Patanjali

Ans .  C

Q.15 When did the war of Americans Independence take place?

(A) 1770

(B) 1772

(C) 1774

(D) 1776

Ans .  D

Q.16 Which of the following countries is NOT a member of SAARC?

(A) Maldives

(B) Bhutan

(C) Malaysia

(D) Nepal

Ans .  C

Q.17 Bloemfontein is the judicial capital of….

(A) South Africa

(B) Denmark

(C) Columbia

(D) The Netherlands

Ans .  A

Q.18 Which of the following planets is NOT a terrestrial planet?

(A) Mercury

(B) Venus

(C) Earth

(D) Saturn

Ans .  D

Q.19 What is the minimum age required to become the President, Vice-President of India or Governor of Indian state?

(A) 21 years

(B) 25 years

(C) 30 years

(D) 35 years

Ans .  D

Q.20 The Treaty of Versailles was signed in….

(A) 1914

(B) 1916

(C) 1919

(D) 1923

Ans .  C

Basic GK Questions

General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

Q.21 Which of the following personalities was the first to climb Mount Everest twice?

(A) Tenzing Norway

(B) Tamba Tsheri

(C) Nawang Gombu

(D) Phu Dorjee

Ans .  C

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Q.22 The controversial Tehri Dam was built over.

(A) Ganga

(B) Godavari

(C) Bhagirathi

(D) Narmada

Ans .  C

Q.23 Which of the following constitutional amendments was responsible for the inclusion of Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali languages in the eights schedule of the Constitution?

(A) 68th amendment

(B) 70th amendment

(C) 71st amendment

(D) 76th amendment

Ans .  C

Q.24 Vincent Van Gogh was a

(A) German Poet

(B) Dutch painter

(C) Polish scientist

(D) French musician

Ans .  B

Q.25 Who was the first premier of Pakistan?

(A) Liaquat Ali Khan

(B) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

(C) Ali Mohammad Khusro

(D) Mohammed Ayub Khan

Ans .  A

Q.26 Telephone was invented by…

(A) J.L. Baird

(B) Alexander Graham Bell

(C) K. Macmillan

(D) None of these

Ans .  B

Q.27 The famous Chinese traveler Fahien came to India during the reign of….

(A) Harshvardhan

(B) Chandragupta II

(C) Kanishka

(D) Samudragupta

Ans .  B

Q.28 Name the Governor-General and the first Viceroy of India during whose tenure the 1857 revolt took place.

(A) Lord Rippon

(B) Lord Curzon

(C) Lord Canning

(D) Lord Harding

Ans .  C

Q.29 The absorption of ink by a blotting paper is based on….

(A) Newton third law of motion

(B) Bernoulli’s theorem

(C) Pascal’s law

(D) Capillary action

Ans .  D

Q.30 The point in the orbit of any artificial satellite of earth which is at the maximum distance from the earth is known as….

(A) Perigee

(B) Aphelion

(C) Antipodes

(D) Apogee

Ans .  D

Basic General Knowledge

General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

Q.31 Mother Teresa won the Noble Prize for peace in….

(A) 1977

(B) 1979

(C) 1982

(D) 1984

Ans .  B

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Q.32 Topographical map of India is approved by….

(A) Archaeological Survey of India

(B) Geographical Survey of India

(C) Surveyor General of India

(D) None of these

Ans .  C

Q.33 This country is known as the ‘Sugar Bowl of the World’, Identify it from the given options.

(A) Brazil

(B) Cuba

(C) Mexico

(D) Algeria

Ans .  B

Q.34 Who is the ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission of India?

(A) President of India

(B) Finance Minister of India

(C) Prime Minister of India

(D) Vice-President of India

Ans .  C

Q.35 Maastricht Treaty is related to….

(A) environment pollution

(B) European unification

(C) landmines

(D) biological weapons

Ans .  B

Q.36 National Science Day is observed on….

(A) January 4

(B) February 28

(C) March 11

(D) August 5

Ans .  B

Q.37 Capital of East Timor is….

(A) Kiev

(B) Dili

(C) Grozny

(D) Bratislava

Ans .  B

Q.38 Can you identify this bowler who is the first in the history of the world cricket to have claimed 500 wickets in the One Day Internationals?

(A) Shane Warne

(B) Wasim Akram

(C) Courtney Walsh

(D) Muttiah Muralitharan

Ans .  B

Q.39 The first woman Chief Minister of an Indian State is.

(A) Sarojini Naidu

(B) Indira Gandhi

(C) Sucheta Kripalani

(D) Rajkumari Amrita Kaur

Ans .  C

Q.40 This organelle of the human body is known as the ‘powerhouse of the cell’. Name it from the given options.

(A) Golgi bodies

(B) Mitochondria

(C) Lysosomes

(D) Chloroplast

Ans .  B

These GK questions are very important and generally asked in competitive exams. I am providing 40 General Knowledge Question with Answers for your best practice.

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