Syllogism Questions for Bank PO with Answers

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Syllogism Questions for Bank

Hello students,  Mostly Syllogism Questions are asked in bank exams or other competitive exams and student often puzzled to solve these type of questions. So, students should be practice these Syllogism questions for Bank PO to get better rank in their exams.

Students can easily make better their performance from these syllogism questions for bank post with answers. These are the selective and important questions of syllogism, which will be helpful for your competitive exams. 

Click here to know the correct methods and concept to solve syllogism questions and you can practice also with selective syllogism questions in Hindi with answers for SSC, Bank exams and competitive exams.  

Syllogism Questions and Answers for Bank Exams:

Direction: (1-5) In each of the following questions, two statements are given & then two conclusions – I & II are given. Which logical conclusion/s can be drawn out as per statements?

(A) If only conclusion I is followed.

(B) If only conclusion II is followed.

(C) If both the conclusions are followed.

(D) If both the conclusions are not followed.

1. Statement:

Some fans are walls.

All walls are radio.


I. Some fans are not radio.

II. All of radio are not fans.

Ans .   D

2. Statement:

Some scooters are trucks.

All trucks are trains.


Some scooters are trains.

All trucks are trains.

Ans .   A

3. Statement 

All the cups are pillows

All the pens are pillows


I. Some pillows are cups.

II. Some pen are cups.

Ans .   A

4. Statement:

Some stones are bricks.

Some bricks are trees.


I. Some stones are trees.

II. Some tree are bricks.

Ans .   B

5. Statement:

All the cars are cats.

All the cars are fans.


I. Some fans are cats.

II. Some cats are cars.

Ans .   C

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Syllogism Questions for Bank PO with Answers, you can ask me in the comment section. Visit next page for more practice of Syllogism Questions and Answers related problems. 

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