Top 100 World Geography GK Questions

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Top 100 World Geography GK Questions

If we discuss the geographical structure of the globe, then there are various oceans, high plateaus, plains, rivers, lakes, vast deserts, etc within the world geography, which is nearly difficult to grasp intimately for each student preparing for competitive exams. World Geography is an important part of GK Questions and these questions related to world geography are asked in UPSC, SSC, IBPS, Police Exams. So this blog of Top 100 world geography GK Questions is very important for those learners who are preparing for competitive exams. 

World Geography GK

The purpose of World Geography Questions supported General knowledge provided during this blog is to administer necessary and important information. By practicing these Top 100 World Geography Gk Questions and Answers, students are going to be ready to get conversant in the planet geography 

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World Geography Questions 

  Q :  

Amazon river flows through which of the following country?


(B) France

(C) Brazil

(D) Canada

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

The Amazon proper runs mostly through Brazil and Peru, and is part of the border between Colombia and Perú. It has a series of major tributaries in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, some of which flow into the Marañón and Ucayali, and others directly into the Amazon proper.

Q :  

Which country is made up of the largest group of islands?

(A) Japan

(B) Philippines

(C) Greece

(D) Malay Archipelago

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

Malay Archipelago, largest group of islands in the world, consisting of the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia and the approximately 7,000 islands of the Philippines. The regional name “East Indies” is sometimes used as a synonym for the archipelago.

Q :  

The Trans-Siberian Railway (8960 km) connects … in the west to … in the east.

(A) Moscow, Tashkent

(B) St. Petersburg, Omsk

(C) Moscow, Irkutsk

(D) St. Petersburg, Vladivostok

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

The trans-Siberian railway runs on a railway line spanning a length of 11,263 km in Russia. 

It connects St Petersburg located in western Russia with Vladivostok a city in the far East of Russia. 

It crosses eight time zones and the diverse topography of Russia. 

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world. 

It was built between 1891 and 1916 to connect Moscow with the Far-East city of Vladivostok.

Q :  

Which of the following is NOT ‘The Great Lakes’ of North America?

(A) Superior

(B) Huron

(C) Erie

(D) Victoria

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

Lake Victoria is located at the border of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania in the African continent.

River Nile originates from Lake Victoria and drains into the Mediterranean Sea.

Victoria Lake is the largest tropical lake in the world and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world by area.

Its area is 26,828 square miles (69,484 square km).

Among the freshwater lakes of the world, it is only behind the Lake Superior of North America.

Its waters fill a shallow depression in the centre of the great plateau that stretches between the Western and Eastern Rift Valleys.

Q :  

With which of the following countries does China have the longest border line?

(A) Russia

(B) India

(C) Myanmar

(D) Mongolia

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

The longest one is shared with Mongolia which is 4677 km in length, followed by Russia which is 3645 km in length, India which is 3380 km in length and Myanmar which is 2185 km in length.

Q :  

Which is the second largest continent in the world?

(A) Asia

(B) Antarctica

(C) North America

(D) Africa

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world with 6% of the total geographical area and 20.4% of the land area of the world. It is surrounded by Mediterranean sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, the Atlantic Ocean in the West, and the Suez Canal and the Red Sea in the northeast.

Q :  

The Nile River is not a flowing river in which of the following countries?

(A) Kenya

(B) Egypt

(C) Algeria

(D) Tanzania

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

The Nile river does NOT flow through Algeria. The River Nile is the longest river in the world and in Africa. It is about 6,670 km in length.

Q :  

Between which countries is the 49th parallel line located?

(A) India – Pakistan

(B) North and South Korea

(C) United States america and Canada

(D) Germany and Poland

Correct Answer : C
Explanation :

49th Parallel is the boundary between USA and Canada. It is a border between Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the north and US states of Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington and Montana in the south.

Q :  

Which of the following countries is called the Land of Thousand Lakes-

(A) Finland

(B) Thailand

(C) Netherlands

(D) Ireland

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

Finland is called the "Land of Thousand Lakes". There are approximately 168,000 lakes and 179,000 islands in Finland.

Q :  

The Indus river is also known as the Nile River of which country?

(A) China

(B) Bhutan

(C) Myanmar

(D) Pakistan

Correct Answer : D
Explanation :
The Indus River (locally called Sindhu) is one of the longest rivers in Asia, originating in the Tibetan Plateau in the vicinity of Lake Manasarovar, the river runs a course through Ladakh towards the Gilgit-Baltistan region Hindukush ranges, and then flows in a southerly direction along the entire length of Pakistan

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