Blood Relation Questions for Bank PO Reasoning - MCQ

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Blood Relation Questions for Bank PO

Here I am sharing Blood Relation Questions for Bank PO with answers. You should practice blood relation questions for bank PO and other competitive exams because this is important topic for all competitive exams. 

Blood relation questions in Hindi are very useful for those who appeared in Hindi medium for bank PO and SSC CGL exams. If you face difficulties while solving blood relations problems, you can visit on Blood Relation Problems with Solutions for the better rank in competitive examination.

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Blood Relation Questions with answers for Bank PO

Q.1 A’s mother is the only daughter of B’s father. How is B’s husband related to A?

(A) Uncle

(B) Brother

(C) Father

(D) Grandfather

Ans .  C

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Q.2 A is brother of B, B is the son of C, D is C’s father then what is A of D?

(A) Brother

(B) Son

(C) Grandson

(D) Grandfather

Ans .  C

Q.3 A is the father of C and D is son of B. E is brother of A. If C is sister of D, how is B related to E?

(A) Brother

(B) Sister

(C) Brother-in-law

(D) Sister-in-law

Ans .  D

Q.4 A and B are brothers. C and D are sisters. A’s son is D’s brother. How is B related to C?

(A) Father

(B) Brother

(C) Grandfather

(D) Uncle

Ans .  D

Q.5 A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man related to the woman?

(A) Nephew

(B) Uncle

(C) Son

(D) Cousin

Ans .  D

Q.6 A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is that lady related to that man?

(A) Daughter

(B) Grand-daughter

(C) Mother

(D) Sister

Ans .  D

Q.7 If X is brother of the son of Y’s son, how is X related to Y?

(A) Son

(B) Brother

(C) Cousin

(D) Grand-Son

Ans .  D

Q.8 If B says that his mother is the only daughter of A’s mother, how is A related to B?

(A) Son

(B) Grandfather

(C) Uncle

(D) Brother

Ans .  C

Q.9 A is B’s wife and C is A’s sister. D is the father of C, while E is D’s son. What is the relation of E to B?

(A) Brother

(B) Brother-in-law

(C) Cousin

(D) Father-in-law

Ans .  B

Q.10 Pointing to a photograph, a man said, “I have no brother or sister but that man’s father is my father’s son”. Whose photograph was it?

(A) His son’s

(B) His father's

(C) His nephew’s

(D) His own

Ans .  A

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