Basic Computer Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

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Basic Computer Questions and Answers

Here are very useful or selective Basic Computer Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams, from which students can easily increase their performance in computer awareness section. Try to learn these Basic Computer Questions yourself and increase your confidence.

These general computer questions asked often in the bank and other competitive exams. So, students should practice these Basic Computer Questions and Answers for Banking Exams.

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Basic Computer Questions and Answers:

1. Father of ‘C’ programming language
 a. Dennis Ritchie
 b. Prof Jhon Kemeny
 c. Thomas Kurtz
 d. Bill Gates

Ans .  A

2. COBOL is widely used in applications
 a. Commercial
 b. Scientific
 c. Space
 d. Mathematical
 e. None

Ans .  E

3. The device used to carry digital data on analog lines is called as
 a. Modem
 b. Multiplexer
 c. Modulator
 d. Demodulator
 e. None

Ans .  A

4. SMPS stands for
 a. Switched mode power supply
 b. Start mode power supply
 c. Store mode power supply
 d. Single mode power supply
 e. None

Ans .  A

5. Information travels between components on the mother board through
 a. Flash memory
 b. CMOS
 c. Bays
 d. Buses
 e. Peripherals

Ans .  E

6. The 16 bit Microprocessor means that it has
 a. 16 address lines
 b. 16 Buses
 c. 16 Data lines
 d. 16 routes
 e. None

Ans .  C

7. Best Quality graphics is produced by
 a. Dot Matix
 b. Laser Printer
 c. Inkjet Printer
 d. Plotter
 e. None

Ans .  D

8. The lowest form of Computer language is called
 c. Machine Language
 e. None

Ans .  C

Ask me in the comment section if you face any problems while solving computer questions. 

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